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First Week With My Son! August 11, 2007

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Time flies, obvious statement but so very true during the first week of Hayden’s life.   Every-time Kara and me looked at the clock we were like “How can it be that late? where did the last hour or two go?”  Every minute with him in these first few days has just been precious.  We just can’t stop holding him, cuddling him talking to him , singing and dancing with him (well maybe that’s just me!).  He is the most adorable little man ever.  I am biased but I don’t care.  For a newborn he is so just so beautifully formed, his complexion is fantastic and just has the funniest little expressions already.

He peed on his Mum this morning, a perfectly formed circle of pee appeared on her t-shirt. He he.  He ‘sat’ down and watched Grandpa Goodwin’s football team Tottenham Hotspur lose this morning.  He felt bad for his grandpa but he loved his first football game and has demanded that he is allowed to watch more.

He really is a little rock and roll star, the only thing he needs to improve on is his toilet habits.   The night before last I changed his nappy four times in 30 minutes, and then last night everytime he peed he leaked his nappies, i think we had to change his clothes 4 or 5 times, and already twice today and it’s not lunchtime yet!!!  Little pee pee monster!

Oh and of course he is the most advanced one week year old I have ever seen 😀

I love him!


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