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Could it be…?? September 8, 2007

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Hayden was one month old on Monday! We can’t believe it, the time has gone so quickly. He is still growing lots and changing all the time. Yesterday he was particularly fussy, and it might be because there could be a tooth coming in already! You read right – a tooth! It’s really early for that to be happening, but there is a white ‘something’ on his lower gum. It could also be some white pearl thing (I’m so technical!), the nurse said. If it goes away then that’s what it is, but if not then it is a tooth. He hasn’t been drooling, which is usually a sign of teething, so that and the combination of how young he is makes me doubt it really is a tooth, but it is very strange to see white on his gum where the first teeth appear!

We had a great Labor Day weekend. American football season is ramping up, and with it comes fantasy football time. John went to a fantasy football draft on Saturday hosted by one of our neighbors. Then Sunday we went to my brother’s to see his family. My nephew had a birthday recently so we went to celebrate him turning 4. And Monday we went to a different neighbor’s house for a bbq. They had invited us and another family, and between all of us we had 5 boys plus one more boy on the way – due in Dec. The hosts had a 5, 3, and 1 year old and the other guests had a 2 year old and the one that’s on the way. So with that group Hayden will have a good playgroup! The boys were lovely and really well-behaved, but of course being boys couldn’t help but get into some mischief. At the end of the evening the three oldest came up from the basement and had marker drawings all up and down their arms. It took a while before everyone realized that the oldest also had marker all over the back of his shirt! I had seen it before the others but figured they had already noticed it and it was ok, so found it quite funny when the others saw it and it became obvious that in fact it wasn’t ok. Boys! What have we gotten ourselves into?! 🙂

Well as I type this Hayden has been napping beside me, and I just had to wipe up some drool off his face. That is the first time I’ve had to do that. Maybe it is a tooth after all. I’ll try to get a picture and post it so you can be the judge.

Last week our friends from England Martin and Caroline were in town for Caroline’s work. We got to hang out with them the Sunday before last and Tuesday, which happened to be Martin’s birthday. It was so great to see them — they are two of the nicest people ever — and for Hayden to get to meet some more Brits. 🙂 Next week Nanny Mad comes! Hayden is so excited to meet his grandma. Also Rich and Anita happen to be over for a work trip, so we get to hang out with them, too! We are so excited to have so many visitors!


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