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home alone September 30, 2007

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Not only is that the title of my favourite movie in the world, but also it’s the story of my week.  I’ve had Hayden to myself for two nights this week and most of Saturday.  I called it babysitting, Kara corrected me that it’s actually called parenting :).

I was a little worried because he comes across as a bit of a mummy’s boy, and he cries and cries when I hold him, give him to Kara and silence!  Kara thinks it’s the boobs.  Like father like son then…  Anyway back on track, I found it so much easier to take care of him when I was on my own for a couple of reasons.  Firstly you are the only one.  So failure is not an option, you’ve got to do something otherwise he’s going to cry and cry and scare the cats.  Secondly, you’re not being watched, you can try lots of techniques to entertain him and keep him quiet, if it doesn’t work there is no one to laugh at you!!

So things actually went pretty well.  It’s hard to get him to sleep in the evenings as he fights it so hard, but as long as you’ve got a bottle of milk you can basically get through anything!   We danced around to various music, he particularly liked Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs so he has good music taste which is very important for any son of mine!  We watched baseball, football and American football, Hayden liked them all of course, and asked me if we could watch more.

Going back to the sleep thing.  It is really a challenge to get to sleep.  I was sweating and my legs were killing by the time I got him to sleep on Friday night!!  Friday nights are very different these days!  Anyway better finish this blog now or will be as long as one of Kara’s… O:-)  Just kidding honey! 🙂


One Response to “home alone”

  1. Faith Says:

    “I called it babysitting, Kara corrected me that it’s actually called parenting :)”
    LOL! Kara is right!

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