Hayden and Layla's Place

Auntie Michelle January 2, 2008

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Hayden finally got to meet Auntie Michelle!!! He loved that she came to visit with her boyfriend Stuart.  Hayden seemed to like both of them very much!  He smiled lots around Michelle and even fell asleep in her arms a couple of times and he hates falling asleep as he is always worried he is missing out on something!!

We didn’t do too much crazy stuff while they were here, more about spending time in chilling and getting Michelle and Hayden acquainted.  We made sure we got a good quality steak in while Grandpaman and Grandma G babysat.  Made sure we went in the hottub and drank champagne.  Did some retail therapy when they got to make the most of the weak $!!!  Had a wine party, chili night!  I guess we did quite a bit after all when you mix in Christmas and presents in all that!!!

It was really nice to have them here, they’ve got off to Vancouver for a week now before they head back to the UK.  Hopefully they’ll come back again soon 🙂


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