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Presents! January 2, 2008

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I like presents.  I like the paper they come in.  I am learning to open it and eat it.  It’s the best 🙂

I got lots of presents, it appears people like me.  I got this huge Giraffe which is really cool.  I’m going to ride that when I’m older 🙂  I also got this really cool activity mat that I lie around on all the time.  It’s got lots of things I can pull and play with.  I also got a jumperoo from my mummy and daddy.  It’s brilliant.  I like it when they put it in front of the TV when there is football on.  That is probably my favourite thing in the whole world.

I also got myself lots of cool clothes.  It is important that I look good when I’m out as I have a lot of chicks to impress.

I keep getting books – unfortunately I can’t read yet but I like to suck on them, I like to suck on anything I can get my hands on!!!  Yummy!


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