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Happy baby February 25, 2008

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Hayden is so much fun right now!  He is often a very happy little boy, smiling and laughing away.  We love finding new ways to make him laugh.  Today while I was feeding him lunch I discovered that if I said ‘SMASH!’ enthusiastically he thought it was the funniest thing ever.  So that has been the word of the day.  What makes it even funnier is that for some reason when John tries it he gets a blank look or a little laugh that sounds like Hayden is trying to humor him.  He does it exactly like I do, but in Hayden’s world it is hilarious when I do it and not very funny when Daddy does it… which makes it quite funny for John and I (or at least for me 🙂 ).

Last night we went out to dinner with Reena, Sunil, and David.  We took Hayden and he was the World’s Best Baby.  He was so well behaved – the only time he fussed was when he was hungry.  He kept fussing while we tried to give him a bottle, but that was because Mommy is a big dumbo and left this little stopper in the bottle that keeps the milk from leaking but therefore makes it impossible for baby to get any milk when trying to eat.  Once I sorted that out he chowed down and carried on being World’s Best Baby.  I was telling him this morning how proud I was that he was such a good boy, but that unfortunately he is so young that Mommy and Daddy really couldn’t take any credit for his behavior!  We are very aware that the Good Baby Gods were smiling on us last night! 🙂

Weaning is going really well.  (I know the last post mentioned that I have just started weaning, but I accidentally had that post in my drafts since Valentine’s Day and forgot to publish it.  I have actually been weaning him since the beginning of the month.)  He is down to only breast feeding at night, which at the moment is about 3 feedings (from the time he goes down for the night until he gets up in the morning).  Tomorrow night I will replace one of those with a bottle, leaving only 1 or 2 breast feedings left.  Apparently babies go longer between feedings when they are on formula, so once he gets his bottle at night he may naturally drop the middle of the night feeding on his own.  He’s not on 100% formula yet, but he only has about 2 oz of breastmilk per bottle now so the vast majority is formula.  I will carry on putting a couple of ounces of breastmilk in his formula for a while because I still have frozen milk I have expressed so I will make that go as far as I can.

Nanny Mad is coming to visit in about a week and a half!  She will be here for a couple of weeks, then we will all go to Florida and meet up with Michelle there.  Very much looking forward to all that!


All better

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Well, after a couple of weeks of being sick with my first illness, I am finally feeling all better.  My cough is gone, I don’t have to be nebulized anymore, and I am back to my old self.  Although, I did tell Mommy Happy Valentine’s Day in my own special way – by projectile vomiting all over her.  I am not really sure where it came from, I was just talking to her a bit while we were rocking and all of the sudden it all came up (and out!).  I used to show my love by peeing on people when I was very first born, but I’ve decided that in 2008 the best way to show I care is by vomiting on the ones I love.

I went back to day care last week after being home for two weeks.  I had three good days there.  I seem to be starting to be better about my naps now.  I am sleeping in my crib for pretty long stretches of time at day care (around an hour, sometimes a lot more), and even Mommy can put me to sleep successfully for naps most days.

Mommy is trying to wean me now.  She said that since I have teeth now (which I have been known to use on her – I think I am so funny!) and I am six months and eating more and more solids that it is time to start weaning.  So we are dropping one breast feeding per week, which is replaced by a bottle feeding.  It is going averagely well.  I’m not in love with the bottle, that’s for sure.  But I don’t flat out refuse it which is good.  I can usually take about 5 ounces over a period of an hour – a lot of starting and stopping in that hour.  Mommy is slowly introducing me to formula by giving me thawed breastmilk that was expressed and adding one or two parts formula.


Hayden Rocks February 22, 2008

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This is just a very brief blog to remind everybody how cool my son is. He rocks. I was home alone with him tonight and all he did was smile, laugh, bang his hands around, eat and sleep. Basically in that order, but the smiling and laughing happens right up to sleep time. I’m very lucky to have such a cool kid.

(this blog has nothing to do with the fact that I was mean to him in the last one. honest)


Bobby Charlton February 17, 2008

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As you know Hayden was born with a LOT of hair. I’m not sure where it’s gone, but it has been disappearing ever since the day he arrived on this planet!! He is currently sporting a look not too dissimilar to the legend that is Bobby Charlton. He is still a handsome devil though!!


There’s Something Down There!

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As of the last week, during bath time, Hayden has gotten a little less interested in his bath toys and has found a toy of his own!! I’m not sure he had realised there was something down there attached to him before now!! Now he is fascinated by it! Kara told me it’s important to encourage him and not tell him off as that will give him a complex when he’s older! So I’ve been smiling and laughing with him, trying to get him back interested in his rubber duckie!

Sorry Hayden if you ever read this – I guess I’ve just embarrassed you, again!! 🙂


Left Handed?

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Recent observations are hinting that he might well be left handed. That is only a good thing me thinks in terms of his future sporting career. Tennis players always hate the lefty, left handed cricketers have a lot of success in comparison with the number of righties, and so on.

For all the English out there lets hope he’s left footed and doesn’t take after his dad in terms of footy skills. Why did Ryan Giggs choose Wales!!!


New babies! February 14, 2008

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Two new babies have arrived in our world!

Sadie Mayhill Shoop was born on Feb 8 to Emily and Carter.  Emily told me she was pregnant at my baby shower, so it is amazing to me that the time has already come for her baby to be born!

Alexander Michael Lowne was born Feb 12 to Marianne and Jon.  He shares my mom’s birthday (and Abraham Lincoln).  They had their first baby – Bella – a couple of days before I moved from England back to the US, and that doesn’t seem like that long ago (although we are coming up to 2 years this summer already) since I was blubbering over the birth of their firstborn!  I haven’t even seen any pics of Alexander yet, so I get the feeling that 2 is really more than twice the work. 😉


Baby Talk February 11, 2008

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Hayden has really started to jabber recently.  He makes all sorts of squeaky noises, Kara is convinced that one of his squeaks made up some real French words the other day, but I’m not so sure about.  I have no idea where he could have picked up a French influence, more likely some country and western phrases from his day care teachers!

I must admit I am terrible and speaking baby back to him.  Kara told me that it’s good to repeat what he says, so me and him have 10 minutes conversations that sounds like a bunch of monkeys that can’t work out how to get to the bananas!

No real words yet, but I’m betting that dada is the first 🙂  !!


Sweet Potato!

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I have done a very good job on this blog and hardly mentioned poop.  When I set this up all I thought I would talk about is poop, eating and sleepness nights!  So it’s time to talk about poop.  Hayden has started to eat ‘real’ foods recently and one of his favourites is sweet potato.  I think he just likes it because it’s orange and he can make a great mess with it and ruin all his (and mine) clothes! 🙂

Now as you know what goes in has to come out!  I knew things changed when he changed food, so I can’t say I was surprised but I didn’t realise that it literally just passes through him!!  Yuck!  Luckily Kara takes care of most of them 🙂

Lucy has been interested in Hayden’s new packages.  She has been caught sniffing his butt on numerous occasions!!


Road Trip February 2, 2008

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Hayden had his first road trip last weekend!! We had a 4 hour drive up to Michigan for a skiing weekend (not for Hayden yet but it won’t be long if I get my way!! :)) and stay two overnights at the Holidome. A holiday inn with a big indoor swimming pool so Kara and Hayden had somewhere cool to hang out during the day!

Hayden wasn’t over impressed with his new nighttime surroundings! We had taken his pack and play but the boy knew something was up so made enough noise that he talked himself into the grown up bed for the night. I think this was a hatched plan between mother and son if you ask me!!!! Flawlessly executed!

I got to go swimming with him for the first time. He has been on the Friday before but Kara said he just slept the whole time!! The water wasn’t as warm when I went with him so we didn’t hang around for too long. It was fun though!

The most impressive thing though was the drive back – took us about 3 and a half hours and he almost slept the whole trip!! I didn’t hear from him the whole time!! What a legend!