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Sweet Potato! February 11, 2008

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I have done a very good job on this blog and hardly mentioned poop.  When I set this up all I thought I would talk about is poop, eating and sleepness nights!  So it’s time to talk about poop.  Hayden has started to eat ‘real’ foods recently and one of his favourites is sweet potato.  I think he just likes it because it’s orange and he can make a great mess with it and ruin all his (and mine) clothes! 🙂

Now as you know what goes in has to come out!  I knew things changed when he changed food, so I can’t say I was surprised but I didn’t realise that it literally just passes through him!!  Yuck!  Luckily Kara takes care of most of them 🙂

Lucy has been interested in Hayden’s new packages.  She has been caught sniffing his butt on numerous occasions!!


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