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New babies! February 14, 2008

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Two new babies have arrived in our world!

Sadie Mayhill Shoop was born on Feb 8 to Emily and Carter.  Emily told me she was pregnant at my baby shower, so it is amazing to me that the time has already come for her baby to be born!

Alexander Michael Lowne was born Feb 12 to Marianne and Jon.  He shares my mom’s birthday (and Abraham Lincoln).  They had their first baby – Bella – a couple of days before I moved from England back to the US, and that doesn’t seem like that long ago (although we are coming up to 2 years this summer already) since I was blubbering over the birth of their firstborn!  I haven’t even seen any pics of Alexander yet, so I get the feeling that 2 is really more than twice the work. 😉


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