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All better February 25, 2008

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Well, after a couple of weeks of being sick with my first illness, I am finally feeling all better.  My cough is gone, I don’t have to be nebulized anymore, and I am back to my old self.  Although, I did tell Mommy Happy Valentine’s Day in my own special way – by projectile vomiting all over her.  I am not really sure where it came from, I was just talking to her a bit while we were rocking and all of the sudden it all came up (and out!).  I used to show my love by peeing on people when I was very first born, but I’ve decided that in 2008 the best way to show I care is by vomiting on the ones I love.

I went back to day care last week after being home for two weeks.  I had three good days there.  I seem to be starting to be better about my naps now.  I am sleeping in my crib for pretty long stretches of time at day care (around an hour, sometimes a lot more), and even Mommy can put me to sleep successfully for naps most days.

Mommy is trying to wean me now.  She said that since I have teeth now (which I have been known to use on her – I think I am so funny!) and I am six months and eating more and more solids that it is time to start weaning.  So we are dropping one breast feeding per week, which is replaced by a bottle feeding.  It is going averagely well.  I’m not in love with the bottle, that’s for sure.  But I don’t flat out refuse it which is good.  I can usually take about 5 ounces over a period of an hour – a lot of starting and stopping in that hour.  Mommy is slowly introducing me to formula by giving me thawed breastmilk that was expressed and adding one or two parts formula.


2 Responses to “All better”

  1. Faith Says:

    Hmmmm, projectile vomiting…..yep, you are related to your mom for sure. I will tell you a funny story when you get older. LOL

  2. karagoodwin Says:

    What on earth could you be referring to? I know not of what you speak. (Where is the ‘innocent face’ emoticon on this computer???)

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