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Florida March 30, 2008

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We went to Florida last week, Saturday through Wednesday.  It was such a nice trip!  Michelle and Madeline have a timeshare down there which has room for 10, so we stayed there and it was a really nice place.  It was a fun group – Madeline, Michelle, Deirdre, Michelle’s friend Kayleigh and Johnny, and Johnny’s 12 year old son Tyler.  (And John, Hayden, and me of course.)  We had mostly good weather.  It was raining when we got there but the other days were mostly sunny but a little cool.  When we got there we went to see my aunt and uncle, Jeaneen and Alvin.  We couldn’t get in to the timeshare until 4 pm, so they were kind enough to host us at their house.  We had some lunch and took a walk.  They live out in the country and a foal had been born in the last week so we walked about 1/4 of a mile to see that.  It started raining when we got there!  My uncle tried to hurry ahead to get the car to drive us home, but we were such fast walkers that by the time he picked us up we were about 100 yards from his house. ha!  Sunday we hung out around the pool in the complex where the timeshare is.  It was a beautiful day and probably the warmest one we had.  Hayden went in the pool briefly, but the water was not too warm so we couldn’t keep him in long.  We managed to keep him in the shade quite a bit since we brought a little UV-blocking tent with us that pops up really easily.  That night we met up with my aunt and uncle again as well as my cousin and her family for dinner.

Monday we went to Sea World!  We met Faith and Steph and their kids there, which was excellent!  John and I love Sea World, and it was the perfect place to take Hayden at his age.  We watched a couple of the shows, and Hayden was actually pretty interested in them.  During the first show we sat through, I was going ‘Ooooo’ whenever something cool would happen – as you do – but that would cause him to stick his lip out and start crying!!  So I had to curb that (although he seemed to get used to it as I accidentally did it a couple of more times that day and he seemed ok with it).  When we saw Shamu’s show, they have this little Shamu chant with arm motions that they have the crowd do and we were making his arms do the motions while we shouted ‘Shamu,’ and he loved that!  We have done it several times since then and he still gets a big smile.  Shamu!

Tuesday we played miniature golf until it warmed up a bit, then spent some time by the pool.  We left Wed night, but that day we went to the new Sea World water park.  We were going to do that on Tues, but it was too cold for a water park that day.  Wed it was still fairly cold out, but warmer.  It’s a nice little water park.  There is a slide that goes through a dolphin tank which looked pretty cool.  The line was really long for that one, though, and since we had a plane to catch we didn’t have time to wait for it.  Michelle, Johnny, Kayleigh, and I went on a group ride where we were all in a raft together, and it was quite fun because we picked up a lot of speed but at the end of the slide it stops very abruptly and we had been going so fast that we ended up crashing into each other.  Kayleigh and I knocked heads and now I have a big black eye!!  I look like I’ve been beaten up.  Makeup doesn’t even cover it.  😦

So as you can see it was a really fun trip!  Hayden did really well on the plane on the way there.  You wouldn’t have even known we had a baby with us, he was quiet as a mouse!  On the way back he was a little noisier (he discovered this screeching sound while we were in Florida which is quite loud and he was doing that a lot on the plane), but once he was fed and changed he settled down and eventually went to sleep.  Unfortunately Hayden was not himself on the trip.  I imagine it was a combination of being out of his routine, less sleep, unfamiliar surroundings, and so on but he was just very serious the whole time we were there.  Usually he is pretty happy-go-lucky and spends a lot of time laughing and smiling, but on the trip it was really hard to even get him to smile.  He was fussier than usual as well.  As soon as we got home and he got back on his schedule he got back to his old self.


Eating! March 17, 2008

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Like my daddy I don’t much care for Banana and Porridge. It’s a shame because I really like to eat. Now that I have teeth I can bite and chew on things – for example mummy 🙂 haha  Well not so much now she doesn’t give me access to those milk machines she has.

Mummy gave me a teething biscuit.  That was pretty cool.  I bit this chunk off it today.  Crunch.  Mummy took it out of my mouth though! booo!!!!

I think Pear is my favorite food in the world.  My daddy feeds it to me all the time.  I can eat it all day! Yummy!! Sometimes I mix it with Avocado, that is pretty cool as well because it makes it go green!! haha.   Daddy adds some yogurt to it so I can get it all over my face!!!!  Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!


I love Nanny Mad!! March 16, 2008

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Nanny Mad and Great Auntie Deirdre have been here for about a week and a half now!  I love having them here soooo much!  They play with me all day, and they watch me while Mommy and Daddy are at work so I get to stay home instead of having to go away to day care.  I like day care and everything, but you can’t beat being home!  They take me and Lucy on long walks while it’s nice out and I get to be in the fresh air and look at everything that we pass by like trees and houses and cars.  We have done a lot of shopping since they have been here, and they like to buy me fun things.  Today we went to the toy store and I got some presents for my birthday, even though it’s not for another few months! 🙂  How great is that!  Soon we get to go to Florida and I will see my Auntie Michelle, plus my girlfriend Avery (one of them anyway – don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Bella and Claire, wink wink) is going to come to Sea World with us and I will get to meet my buddy Jaden when he and his mommy Steph also come to Sea World.  It’s going to be the greatest trip!  I’ve had to get some warm weather outfits for the trip and for when the weather gets warm enough in Indy.  I am growing so fast that Mommy has even gotten some 18 month clothes because she didn’t think I would stay in the 12 month clothes long enough to make them worthwhile.


Haircut! March 15, 2008

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I have a cool new haircut!  My mommy decided to cut the long strands of hair that were on the top of my head about three weeks ago.  I am a cool dude now!  It is short enough to spike up again like Daddy would do when I was first born, so my daddy is very happy.  Now my hair looks even all over again and is looking thicker as time goes on.  My hair is quite light now which is funny because it was black when I was born.  My parents think that it might be light while I am young but the chances of me not being a brunette over time are very low (if not nil!).



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Hayden has been into biting my jaw again lately.  He did this in his first couple of months,  but he hadn’t done it for a while.  Back then he was trying to nurse on my jawline.  I’m not sure if that is what he is trying to do now, but he uses his teeth a lot when he does it.  It’s funny, but I really have to keep him from doing it now because the biting doesn’t feel very good!


Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ March 10, 2008

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Hayden has been making great strides in his maneuvering!  He started rolling back to belly a while ago, but he would just lay on the arm he had rolled onto and not really lift his chest up.  He started doing that a couple of days ago and really seems to be exploring a lot more with this new trick.  I wouldn’t say he is rolling everywhere to get where he wants to go like some babies do, but he just worms his way around by kicking his legs about combined with some rolling.  The other day I laid him down on his activity mat while I went to get breakfast, and when I came back 3 minutes later he was still on his back but in the middle of the floor, at least a foot from the activity mat.  I got a good laugh out of that!  Little munchkin.

He is also sitting up pretty well now.  This was another one that he has been ‘doing’ for a few weeks, but he was leaning really far forward to keep his balance and could only sit for a few seconds before he slowly fell over.  He still isn’t exceptionally sturdy while seated, but he doesn’t have to lean all the way forward any more and he can stay up for quite a while before falling over.



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Hayden is trying really hard to talk it seems.  For the last 2 – 3 days he concentrates really hard and sort of does this half-raspberry/half-bhhhlll sound.  When he does it he blows out a lot of air, so it’s really hard to spell! 😉  But it is as though he is trying his darnedest to say something!  John and I are constantly showering him with “ma-ma”s and “da-da”s, but he hasn’t worked out how to say those yet.  He sometimes mumbles an ‘mm’ sound, so I like to claim those as “ma-ma.”  John says that his first word has to be really clear in order to be counted – unless it’s anything resembling “da-da.”  I think he’s getting worried that it’s going to be ma-ma!


Thumb Sucker!! March 3, 2008

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It’s official!! Hayden likes to suck his thumb. In fact he thinks his thumb is the tastiest thing in the world!! Oh well, least he has a friend to rely on when times are tough. I just hope he’s not still sucking it when he’s 20!!


Big Boy

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Hayden is of course growing up and doing new things all the time. He lies on his front, occasionally has a quick nap on his front, rolls around all on his own. In fact I went into his bedroom the other day and he managed to twist himself 90 degrees in his crib to be laying horizontal! It was very funny – he’s so tall i think he was stuck!!

He got on my shoulders the other day (well perhaps he got a helping hand!!), he loved that and grabbed my hair as a good grip. He likes to rip his mum’s necklaces off her neck. Drinking from grown up cups is also his favourite, but we are trying to keep him to his beakers (‘sippy cups’ or something for the Americans!). He loves holding his own bottle, but he needs a little more practice!

He is also trying to follow in his nerdy parents footsteps and has started developing his computer skills already.