Hayden and Layla's Place

Big Boy March 3, 2008

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Hayden is of course growing up and doing new things all the time. He lies on his front, occasionally has a quick nap on his front, rolls around all on his own. In fact I went into his bedroom the other day and he managed to twist himself 90 degrees in his crib to be laying horizontal! It was very funny – he’s so tall i think he was stuck!!

He got on my shoulders the other day (well perhaps he got a helping hand!!), he loved that and grabbed my hair as a good grip. He likes to rip his mum’s necklaces off her neck. Drinking from grown up cups is also his favourite, but we are trying to keep him to his beakers (‘sippy cups’ or something for the Americans!). He loves holding his own bottle, but he needs a little more practice!

He is also trying to follow in his nerdy parents footsteps and has started developing his computer skills already.


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