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I love Nanny Mad!! March 16, 2008

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Nanny Mad and Great Auntie Deirdre have been here for about a week and a half now!  I love having them here soooo much!  They play with me all day, and they watch me while Mommy and Daddy are at work so I get to stay home instead of having to go away to day care.  I like day care and everything, but you can’t beat being home!  They take me and Lucy on long walks while it’s nice out and I get to be in the fresh air and look at everything that we pass by like trees and houses and cars.  We have done a lot of shopping since they have been here, and they like to buy me fun things.  Today we went to the toy store and I got some presents for my birthday, even though it’s not for another few months! 🙂  How great is that!  Soon we get to go to Florida and I will see my Auntie Michelle, plus my girlfriend Avery (one of them anyway – don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Bella and Claire, wink wink) is going to come to Sea World with us and I will get to meet my buddy Jaden when he and his mommy Steph also come to Sea World.  It’s going to be the greatest trip!  I’ve had to get some warm weather outfits for the trip and for when the weather gets warm enough in Indy.  I am growing so fast that Mommy has even gotten some 18 month clothes because she didn’t think I would stay in the 12 month clothes long enough to make them worthwhile.


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