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Skin problems April 14, 2008

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I had to take Hayden to the doctor last week because he got another bad rash on his face, neck, and torso.  I think it’s to do with his sunscreen because he had some painful blotches in Florida after a couple of days wearing sunscreen, then he had the same thing before I took him to the doctor and daycare had put sunscreen on him 2 days in a row so he could go outside for a while.  The doctor wants him to see a pediatric dermatologist, so we have that appointment next week.  In the meantime, he put us back on the prescription cream for his trouble areas, hydrocortisone ointment on his face and neck (where he is not supposed to have the prescription cream applied), and he advised us not to give him eggs, nuts, or fish/shellfish until he is 2 years old since he seems to be sensitive to allergens.  Also, he wanted us to switch to a hypoallergenic formula as that can sometimes help.  Hayden looks completely better now, and surprisingly he took the formula without fuss.  It smells different from his regular formula, and the doctor said that he might not want to take it because of its taste.  But he was fantastic with it, which surprised us because he is never a hugely eager bottle drinker in general.  But I think I might start giving it to him 80% of the time and give him his regular organic formula the rest of the time, because I don’t like that the hypoallergenic stuff isn’t organic (it’s miles from organic!) and it’s super expensive as well.  Plus, I have stocked up on his old stuff because it went on sale.  Luckily that stuff keeps well, but he is only on formula for another 3 1/2 months so there isn’t all that much more time for him to use it.


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