Hayden and Layla's Place

Mutt Strut May 3, 2008

Filed under: Mummy On Hayden — karagoodwin @ 6:12 pm

Last Sunday Lucy, Hayden, John and I did the Mutt Strut, which is a dog walk around the Indy 500 track.  It was really fun!  There were so many dogs there, and Lucy was a really good girl.  We saw a few doggie scuffles but Lucy was a perfect lady the whole time. We met up with my mom, Jim,  and their dog Sophie.  We walked a short time with them, but they decided to walk the short circuit so most of the walk we did without them.  It’s a fairly long walk since the track is 2 1/2 miles long.  Hayden was really good until the very end when he got fussy, but it turns out his diaper had leaked so who could blame him!  And considering he had been in his stroller for near enough to a couple of hours he did well really.  Lucy was funny because she didn’t want to drink or pee on the walk.  There were loads of water stations with big baby pools of water for the dogs to drink from, and we would lead her over to the water but couldn’t get her to drink (I thought it was horses that applied to?).  When we got home she had a very long pull from her water bowl!


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