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Ear Infection and Loosy Lucy May 14, 2008

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Yesterday was crazy.  I had a busy day at work to start.  Hayden’s day care called at one point to say his ear was bleeding a little bit, they thought he had scratched it or something but couldn’t find where it was bleeding from.  I asked if it looked like it was coming from inside his ear because I would want to get that looked at right away, and they didn’t think it was but said they would call if it got worse.  When I picked him up it did look to me like it was coming from inside his ear which seemed like a bad thing.  I called the pediatrician but it was right when they close so no answer.  Their office is right next door to the day care (and I was still at day care at this point), so I walked over since I figured they were still there just not taking calls.  They were there and the dr said he would see me (he is really nice).  He was worried Hayden’s eardrum might have ruptured but it was only an ear infection closer to the outside of his ear (not all the way to his eardrum).  Phew!  I didn’t expect them to see me, I just wanted to know if it looked serious and if I should go to the hospital.  It wasn’t proper blood but more like fluid that was a little pink like there was a bit of blood mixed in, but it seems like if there is a chance there is blood coming out of your ears you would need to get that checked out!

So anyway the dr gave him a prescription for a week of drops twice daily, then I had to go pick Lucy up because she was at doggie day care where she will be boarded when we go on holiday in June.  She had to have an evaluation day because during the day it is a dog day camp where the dogs all play together and they go to their own crates at night to sleep.  So in order to check she gets along with other dogs she has a trial day.  So I go picked her up and we went to the pet store to get some cat litter, and you can take dogs in there so I was getting her out of the car while holding Hayden and she slipped out of her harness!  I managed to grab one paw so she couldn’t get away, but I couldn’t move because I was holding Hayden and was in a position where I’d have to let one of them go if I moved.  So I tried to get someone walking by to help but they couldn’t hear me (I will give them the benefit of the doubt anyway).  Someone did notice us though and a young woman came over and held Lucy for me while I put Hayden back in the car so I could get Lucy back in her harness.  Luckily Hayden thought the whole thing was hilarious and he was just laughing the whole time – I would hate to add baby screams on top of that!
Meanwhile, while I am dealing with a good 1 1/2 – 2 hours worth of this drama, Hayden is just saying da da da da da da DA non stop!  Where’s the mommy love?!  Actually, it’s exciting because I think he is starting to mean me when he says mama now.  🙂

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