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Lake time July 31, 2008

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We spent the weekend at the Harfst reunion down in Bloomington and this meant a chance to get on the boat!!  We’ve been wanting to get Hayden in the lake all summer it just hadn’t worked out so finally we got him in.  He loves the water, but unfortunately he has to wear a life vest which has this neck support since he is  so little, so his mobility is really reduced.  None the less we managed to squeeze a couple of laughs out him and he did a great job of putting up with his life jacket.  Also we told him we were in a no fish zone (well that at least made his scardy cat mum feel better :-)).


New shoes..

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Hayden has shoes!!  He’s not quite walking on his own yet but he walks with our help and we decided that it’s time to boot him up.  He looks so grown up when he’s stomping around in his new shoes.  He’s been really good with them – some kids seems to get stroppy about shoes but he doesn’t seem to care less (so far anyway!!) 


Books July 30, 2008

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Hayden is funny.  We buy him all the toys in the world.   He probably has too many toys, but he hardly ever plays with them.  He just likes his books.  He searches around for anything that looks like a book and sits down and starts turning the pages.  He doesn’t even seem to care if it has pictures – although pop ups are his favourite – just like mine 🙂    Clearly he’s a genius 🙂



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Hayden says Dada ALL the time.  He probably says it in his sleep.  Now that crawling is old news – talking is back!!  Every now and then I get a magic moment when I get home from work or something and he does this little dance when he waves his hands and legs around and shouts “DaDaDaDa”.  Very cool.

The other day he called me DaDaddio.  That is pretty cool as well.

Not sure MaMa is overly impressed….


Cruising – for real this time July 23, 2008

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Hayden started cruising yesterday!  He loves remote controls and cordless phones, so he took some proper sideways steps while holding onto the couch yesterday to reach one!  He has been lifting his legs up while standing and holding onto something for a while now, but this was the first time that he really moved anywhere.  He’s on his way!

He also fell in love yesterday.  We went to a ‘picnic at the park’ free family concert outing in the next town over and met Grandpaman and Grandma G and their friends there.  When Hayden saw one of their friends, Becky, he stared and stared and went very shy and smiley around her.  It was so cute!  Eventually he did let her hold him, but for a few minutes it looked like he might be too shy to go to her.


You decide July 21, 2008

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I’ll never tell… But I will say that Hayden plays a mean little baby piano…  😉


Milkman? July 20, 2008

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As if blond hair and blue eyes wasn’t enough his hair has started to curl up now! Our friend is starting to draw comparisons with Chris Martin and Kara is not denying anything at the moment….


Rapid Development July 18, 2008

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It has been ages since I’ve blogged about the little one. No real excuse just been busy and he has been changing at a rapid pace. Every week something new comes up. It’s funny though because as each new thing comes along he kind of forgets about the old old for a while, while he concentrates on mastering his new found activity. I think since he started to crawl he hasn’t said a single word! Far too busy to be wasting time talking!

I love his clapping. We had been trying to convince him to start clapping for ages, but he was having none of it. Then we were driving along one day, paying no attention to him. and I looked in the mirror and could see him happily clapping away to himself!! I am convinced he has been practicing for weeks but did want to try it out in front of us unless he got it wrong or something. Now he does it all the time. If we clap or say clap he normally joins in and it’s very cool and he loves it!


Nanny July 15, 2008

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Nanny (John’s mum) has been here for a couple of weeks now. She will be here for two months, caring for Hayden while we work. We have pulled him out of day care during this time so he can spend some good quality time with her. We have probably chosen the most exhausting time for her to do this, seeing as he is all over the place with his crawling, grabbing, pulling up, etc. She is definitely getting more than her fair share of exercise! It has been really nice having her here, and she seems to be enjoying her time. I love having Hayden here during my work day. I get to have little cuddles throughout the day and hear him laughing and getting up to mischief. And Nanny has already witnessed at least one ‘first’ – climbing up the step from the sunken family room up to the kitchen. He now can slowly crawl up the entire staircase (obviously only while someone is behind him, just in case)!

Yeah, I think I got a little ahead of myself with the cruising proclamation. He definitely pulls himself up on things and picks his feet up while he stands, but he hasn’t really started going anywhere yet. He can turn around if there is something behind him to keep him steady, but he’s not shifting his feet enough to cover any distances. We did get him some shoes yesterday though, in anticipation of him spending more time on his feet soon. 🙂 He now has the cutest pair of white shoes with these little lights down the side that light up when he takes a step. He won’t be wearing them much until he actually starts walking, since I have read it can be easier for babies to learn to walk when they are barefoot (plus it’s so hot here that there’s no sense having shoes and socks on if you don’t need them), but at the very least they will come in handy if we have him outside and want to let him ‘walk’ around with our help.


Cruising July 8, 2008

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Yep, Hayden has started cruising!   He’s not really walking around all that assertively (like Isabella was at 10 months when we visited right before she started walking), but he is getting there!  The last couple of days I have stood him up so he is holding onto the couch, and he has reached behind him so one hand is on the coffee table, the other is on the couch, and he is standing between the couch and the coffee table facing outwards.  Then he grabs a coaster, gets distracted, and sits down to investigate the coaster. 🙂  He walks well when we hold onto his hands and walk along behind him.  He’s getting steadier and steadier.  He is also pulling himself up to a standing position, like when he is in his pack n play he’ll grab onto the side and stand up for a long while leaning against that.  He hasn’t started standing on his own yet without support.  I’m sure that’s just around the corner, and we aren’t trying to rush him since this all leads to walking and all parents tell us how worn out we will be chasing him around then! he he