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I’m ONE! August 5, 2008

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I turned one on Sunday!  I had so much fun.  We had a big party and my friends came and told me how cute I am and ate food and cake and gave me presents.  It was the best!  I even had presents from friends who live too far away to come to my party.  That was really nice of them to send me presents because they didn’t even get to taste any of the peach pound cake that Daddy made especially for me.  I love cake.  I didn’t know it existed before Sunday, but I got some cake then and I stuck my hands in it and it was all squishy.  I ate some, and I also used the icing to decorate my tray and my clothes.  Mommy had to put me in a whole new outfit when I was done because I was so dirty.  It was great!

Now that I’m one all kinds of things change.  I can pretty much eat any type of food (I even sneaked some crab meat in from Daddy’s plate the other night at dinner).  My car seat is going to be turned around to face the front whenever Mommy gets around to it.  I drink whole milk now instead of formula, which I love!  I love milk so much that I even sign it now!  It is very cute when I do my baby version of the sign.  I take all my milk from sippy cups now, too, unless there aren’t any clean ones in which case I get a bottle, but bottles are for babies and I can’t get my milk fast enough with them so I use sippy cups as much as I can!  Now that I’m 1 I also eat like a horse all of a sudden.  It is not uncommon for me to get upset when Mommy tells me my meal is finished.  And I’m getting really close to walking, too!  Yesterday I was pushing my high chair across the kitchen – it made a great walk-behind because it is so big and sturdy!  I have a couple of toy walk-behinds and I am getting good at pushing them along from behind as well, but they are a little trickier because they go quicker since they are lighter.

I had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


One Response to “I’m ONE!”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I just can’t believe how fast this last year went by!

    It was good to see you a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we can plan another visit in the near future. 🙂

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