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Words August 19, 2008

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Hayden has some new words added to his repertoire – be ready to be amazed.  Last night he said – I kid you not – buffalo.  I know it sounds like I am putting you on, but really he did!  His room has a safari theme, and we have pictures up from the safari John and I went on a few years ago.  One of his favorite activities is pointing to the pictures and we say what the animal is.  He goes around his whole room doing this and just laughs and smiles as we go through them.  Above his changing table are pictures of Monkey, Cheetahs, Giraffe, and Buffalo.  So while he is getting changed we spend a lot of time saying those animal names over and over while we point to the pictures.  And last night he said a definite baby version of buffalo a couple of times.  I told John and he said he had heard it through the monitor and it sounded just like when he said buffalo to John a couple of days ago!

He also said ‘car’ to Nanny today, and I heard him say it a couple of minutes later.  He has Dadda down pat and definitely knows that that is John’s name.  Mamma he doesn’t say very much – he goes in spurts where it will say it a lot for a couple of days and then stop for a long time.  Same with Nanna.  We think he said his version of ‘Abbey’ while looking through a kitten book at the dr’s office, but we haven’t heard that one again.  He seems to have been saying ‘da’ for dog for a long time now, and I’ve heard him say what I think was his version of Lucy.

There are words he is not saying yet but he definitely knows what they are.  We have a horse calendar up in our kitchen which he took notice of last week.  Now he points and smiles at it all the time and knows the word ‘Horse.’  We will ask him when he is in his high chair where the horse is and he will look at the calendar and smile.  Also, we have a little horse statue on our fireplace mantel and he randomly noticed it a couple of days ago and started pointing, smiling, and making noises.  He got to pet a horse a couple of weeks ago at the state fair and LOVED it.  He was so excited about it.  So I am very happy that he loves horses just like Mommy.  I told him that if he wanted to have a horse when he is a little older then I guess we would just have to give him one.  🙂  And he knows giraffe.

It’s so much fun watching him start to make connections between words and things.  I can’t remember if I already mentioned, but he also does signs (baby versions) for milk and eat now.  He uses the milk one randomly, not always just when he wants milk, but that is normal.  And unfortunately he waits to use the eat one until he is sitting in his high chair already waiting for food, and he cries while he does it.  I have to tell him that I know he is hungry, that’s why I am getting his food ready! 😉  Signs are supposed to help remove some frustration because they can tell you what they want so don’t have to cry as much for it.  I’ll have to let him ready my book so he is aware of that. he he


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