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Lucy’s bed November 16, 2008

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Lately, whenever Hayden sees that Lucy is in her bed, his face lights up and he rushes over and climbs in with her.  He gives her big cuddles and climbs all over her.  Lucy is so good about it, she just sits there very still and lets him completely invade her space.  The fact that she is so good with him is about the only thing tipping the scales in her favor at the moment.  She has been more than a handful lately for some reason.  She ate some of the carpet in the dining room (insert your own joke here), so we had to get another gate to be able to further control where she is in the house.  That makes three of the four gates we have around the house gates we have because of the dog and not the baby (in fairness, I suppose we would have eventually put at gate at the top of the stairs because of Hayden, but we had that gate up before he was even born because of her).  Anyway, now we can confine her to the kitchen which presented its own problem last night when we had a pizza laid out on the island waiting for the oven to preheat.  John was in the office for a short time and I was upstairs with Hayden, which left Lucy alone in the kitchen.  You can see where this is going….  She ate a good portion of raw pizza.  So now since the gate things don’t seem to be turning her into a good dog I am wondering if there are dog play pens where I can just confine her to a small tiled part of the house.  😉  John says Marley and Me is coming out in a couple of weeks so we will have to go see that to be able to see her as a good dog!


One Response to “Lucy’s bed”

  1. Grandma G Says:

    Do you think we have a future veternarian on our hands? Hayden cuddled Sammy (our dog) in the same “o – so – cute” way……..Sammy took to him and decided she has a new friend to watch out for. She now sleeps outside Hayden’s room when Hayden visits. too cute!

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