Hayden and Layla's Place

Fans November 18, 2008

Filed under: Hayden Blogs — JDG @ 1:36 am

Hayden loves fans.  More than anything right now.  We have fans in almost every room and we’ve been having them on recently to keep the air circulating.  Every time he walks into a room with a fan he the biggest smile and just stares at for ages.  I then spin him around singing ’round and round and round’ until I get really dizzy 🙂  He has one in his room though which is really convenient for when he gets a little fussy – he quickly gets frustrated.  These two pictures make me laugh as you can guess what he is watching!! (also maybe his hair likes me laugh :D)
When we were at the Colts new stadium the other day we saw this huge fan and the first thing we thought of was how much Hayden would like it.  Next time he comes we’ll make a point to swing by and let him see it.


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