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Helpful boy…well almost December 22, 2008

Filed under: Dad Blogs on Hayden — JDG @ 12:35 am

Hayden has started to become very helpful recently.  Some examples.

  • At bed time, when I’m putting his socks on (after I’ve attacked him with a game of ‘this little piggy’) he puts his feet up in the air.  Once you put one sock on he swaps feet and gives you his other foot.
  • He likes to find his shoes and try to put them on his feet.
  • When we open the dishwasher he helps us by handing us the cutlery to put away.
  • Bath time, I ask him is he ready to get out and his put his hands up in the air and starts to stand up to make it easy to get him.
  • He has started to use the spoon to feed himself.  This is in early stages… but nonetheless a move in the right direction.
  • He also likes to press every button the washing machine to make sure the clothes are clean.

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