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Christmas Eve December 28, 2008

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Christmas Eve involves going to Hayden’s Grandma’s house and it means that Hayden’s cousin’s Jesse and Robby are there!!  Which means lots of kids all running around (now including Hayden) high on cookies!!!

Hayden wasn’t that fussed about opening presents.  We weren’t sure what his reaction was going to be but he could really give or take opening presents.  However he attention was definitely caught with Robby and Jesse’s presents.  They got remote control monster trucks and also a hot wheel track and Hayden wanted to play with these immediately.  Of course these are new presents for Robby and Jesse as well, so you can understand it’s hard for them to share their brand new presents!  So Hayden is running around with the monster trucks with the boys chasing him down grabbing the truck off him and then driving it off, Hayden chases the truck picks it up, and the cycle begins!

He had his usual appetite and was around to everyone’s plate begging for food the whole day.  He ate everything before him, green bean casserole, pigs in blanket, cookies, jelly (jello), shrimp, cookies, black olives (seriously!  he loved these things), baked beans (and we paid for it next morning), cookies, etc!!!

He did really well playing and eating all day, and only got really fussy when it was time for pictures with Grandpa Blue – these pictures will rival the santa one!!  (check out the Christmas Eve album)


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