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Christmas Day December 29, 2008

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Christmas Day arrived and Hayden was definitely not that fussed with Christmas – It was a big effort to get him to open presents!

He loved his first two presents (both cars from his stocking from the movie Cars) and then after that he just wanted to play with them and couldn’t care too much about the big pile of presents he had waiting for him! I got him a few other Cars things that he got excited about.. basically unless it’s car’s he is not fussed right now.  We were expecting him to want to rip the wrapping off etc but he didn’t really.  I’m sure next year will be very very different!  Anyway – Kara and I made up for Hayden’s lack of excitement and ripped our wrapping paper as quickly as we could!

Christmas Day we go to Gretchen’s mum’s which is really close to us, so we only have to drive about two miles which is really nice!  Hayden was a rock star when it came to food again.  Fristly with the appetizers he was eating lots (well he started to get a little picky – see future blog on food pickiness) and then throughout the day he would just hang around the food table waiting for someone to reach up and pass him a cookie (notice a Christmas theme here….)  Later for dinner he again ate everything at the table – corn, mash potato, prime rib, gravy, yorkshire puddings, in fact he probably ate as much as me!  He is just a little eating machine!

David, one of the Jahn kids, got this skateboard half pipe for Christmas.  Later in the day he was playing with it with his brother, this perked Hayden’s interested because while skateboards are not as cool as cars, they do have 4 wheels and that is a really good start!  Anyway he was rather obilivious to how to play with the skateboards on the half pipe so instead decided that it looked like a comforatble seat.  it was very funny! (not sure David was impressed!).  Christmas day also has a dedicated album.


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