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Fun with friends! December 30, 2008

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One of the great things about Christmas is getting to see friends who come home from out of town.  Hayden got to spend some time with Emily and Sadie who were in town from San Fran.  Sadie is 6 months younger than Hayden.  She is a strong contender for future girlfriend – in line with Bella, Avery, Brynna, Lauren…. 🙂

While Emily and Sadie were here we had one play date with the kids and one without, where we parents met Sunil out on the town and left the kids with the grandparents.  We had intended to have at least 2 other get togethers while they were in town, but Hayden had been pretty unwell for some time and we decided it was best to keep Sadie away.  Unfortunately, she ended up getting sick anyway, but it was not the same sick as Hayden so seems to not have gotten anything from him (phew!).

A couple of days after Christmas, the stars aligned and we were able to coordinate a meeting with Faith and her family and Steph and her family as each was passing through Indy!  We had a great few hours of catch up while the kids played.  It was really fun!  There is a 10 month gap between each kid – Jaden (Steph’s) is the oldest at 3, Avery (Faith’s) is 10 months younger than him, Hayden is 10 months younger than her, Brynna (Steph’s) is 10 months younger than him, and Faith is due when Brynna is 10 months old!  It was not long ago we were three recent college grads working at Lilly, meeting up after work at the bar at Rock Bottom for some wine and a moan about work.  Now when we are together we treasure the conversation we are able to squeeze in between one or more of us breaking off for side conversations with our kids along the lines of “Get that out of your mouth!” “Are you stinky?” “Share!” “That’s not yours!” and the ever popular “Leave the cat alone!” 🙂


One Response to “Fun with friends!”

  1. Faith Says:

    Those are some good lookin’ kids!

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