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New Words April 2, 2009

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You’ve probably been following Hayden’s adventures and realized that he has been a little behind on his speech.  We think this was largely because of his ear issues.  Well now the tubes have settled in, and he’s a little older he has started coming up with some new words.  What is funny is that the words he decides to learn, and the words he just chooses to ignore despite us trying to get him to say them. Selected hearing/speaking I guess..

“Elmo” – Elmo is his favorite thing in the whole world right now.  He has to have Elmo in his bed or he goes crackers!  The other night I was putting him down for bed and Elmo was not in his crib – out of nowhere I get a chorus of “Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, Elmo”

“under” – He was dismantling my cd collection, and then he decided to take a CD out of the case and put it under the CD player (obviously he thought he was putting it into the player).  I asked him where it was, prompted him under, and he repeats it back to me.

“bye” – he actually says “bye boo” which is far funnier!  This is an obvious one, but what’s funny is if we ask him to say it, he’ll wave but won’t say it.  When if you say it naturally he’ll echo you for the next couple of minutes.  Today Kara’s mum was here and was on the phone, the minute she said “bye” , Hayden echoed her.   When she was leaving, nothing….


2 Responses to “New Words”

  1. Faith Says:

    What is it with kids and Elmo? Avery has 3 or 4 Elmos and she loves them all.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Bella would love one but I’m holding out. The one which talks, moves, sings etc is £60 here so a lot of money for a toy. Maybe for her birthday but I’m holding out that by the end of June she will have forgotten about Elmo!!
    Well done Hayden – he is doing brilliantly!

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