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Day 2…..Abbey learns about Karma and Hayden has some confusion over a duck and a doll April 5, 2009

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Hayden decides 6am is a reasonable time to get up.  I’ll take it as a complement that he wants to make the most of the day with me – right? I have to look at this positively…  The problem is I have a double sick dog on my hands..she’s already having to wear a cone, now she has something up with her stomach.  So she kept me up til past 1.30am, so I know I’m going to suffer today….

Early morning pretty uneventful.  Just watching footy and playing cars.  The way to keep both Hayden and Daddy happy!!  Well actually as fan of My Name Is Earl, I’m all about Karma….well Abbey got some of that today!!!  This morning Hayden went just out of sight, I was just heading up to get him when I heard a cat in distress!  Hayden had Abbey by the tail and she was almost airborne!!! Poor girl!  I told Hayden off, but he just stared through me like he was daydreaming!  He does this when we tell him off – least he’s not timid!!  To make sure she really got the message that Hayden doesn’t share food… he locked her in the basement (in the storage cupboard!) for the day!  Hayden 2 – Abbey 0 today!!!

Next main event – off to the Children’s Museum and it was great!! I was playing a dangerous game though with Sophie’s birthday party at 1pm….  I’m not sure who was more excited to be going to the museum, but we both loved it!  I didn’t get to see some of the big kid stuff, I’m going to save that for next time!…  First up there was a full size race car so Hayden got to sit in it.  My camera played up a bit so I couldn’t get as good of pictures as I wanted – seeing him sat in that car two hands on the steering wheel was just priceless – Lewis Hamilton watch out!!

Next we headed up to the play area (via the ramps which were fun for him, tiring for me), and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him more content.  From the minute I let him out of his stroller/push chair he just rain up to the area with all the sand toys and played there for 10 minutes, then went over to the water section and had a ball for like 15 minutes – I was worried he wouldn’t want to leave (especially after he had made out with the giant duck) but there was so much else to do he didn’t care.  He played with everything in there; trains, slides, giant magnets, tunnels, soft play, giant road with wooden cars, lawnmowers to push around.   He was in heaven!!

After that on to the lego section where he got to build a tower with the big blocks, quickly on to the dinosaur areas where he was very impressed and excited! he loves dinosaurs (what boy doesn’t!!).. and then lunch.   I think I was a good dad with prepared food so he didn’t have to eat all junk food (i try to do my part as Kara rocks by making him healthy).  Although he did get a couple of bites of my grilled chicken burger and loved it!  He definitely likes Chicken that’s for sure!!  After that I could sense I had a time bomb on my hands and we needed to make a move…

I was right – he was asleep within minutes of getting in the car.  In fact I stopped at a light and his juice went flying as he fell asleep with it in his hands.  This actually posed a bit of a problem – if Hayden takes a nap, any nap, anywhere, he thinks he is done with naps for the day.  I had other ideas (i wanted to try and get some sleep myself!!)  Anyway he woke up just before we got to Sophie’s birthday party!  He loved it at Sophie’s house.  He took over her toy room and played with everything, especially the kitchen set she had (third time he has got very interested in one of these! Gordon Ramsey watch out? he did know to put the chicken in the microwave, but he also try to put a huge ball in there – so I’m not so sure..  He also found her vibrating Elmo chair which gave him big kicks!

We stayed for about an hour and half, time for me to get more lunch and beer.  On the way out Sophie came over and gave me a hug.  I crouched down and told Hayden to give Sophie a cuddle (this means kiss to Hayden..).  He lent over and planted one on her – she was not impressed and run off to her mummy!!  What a charmer!

Obviously when we got home there as no nap.  I kind of knew it, but I did try and way but he jumped in crib for 30 minutes to poke fun at me.

So instead we make the most of the beautiful day and headed outside to play with his tractors.  We had lots of fun out there, but one time out was called because of lack of wanting to share his crackers.  I almost let him off, I knew how tired he was, but I’m sure he’s just testing me still so I stood my ground!   After his time out once he’d gotten over it we just chilled and read a book in the sun.  I had a beer, Hayden had some juice.  Sweet!

He must have said the word “mine” about 1000 times today.  I’m not kidding you.  I pull the milk container out of the fridge and “mine”, as i’m bringing his dinner “mine”, we see his stroller “mine”, even the dogs – “mine”.  Funny thing is, he didn’t do it at Sophie’s!!  He did claim the outside was his when we were leaving the children’s musuem.

Time we got to dinner he was down to business stuffing his dinner (fish fingers, peas, and fruit!) down his neck.  He wanted seconds again!!  I must be doing something right!!  Then up to bath time – he got so excited he was shouting “bubble” all the way up the stairs!!

Great day, but would have been even better if Kara had been here!  Just as I was getting him out of the bath and going back into his room he gave me a chorus of “mummy, mummy, mummy” – He’s not the only one missing her….

7pm and he is fast asleep! 😀  I just hope he doesn’t poop in the night and wake himself up.  Lie in please Hayden!


One Response to “Day 2…..Abbey learns about Karma and Hayden has some confusion over a duck and a doll”

  1. Kara Says:

    Wow another very busy day! I’m glad he remembers me and was thinking about me after bath. I’m thinking about you guys all the time. I got him a pretty neat gift today. I hope I still have feet when I get back – Reena is walking me ragged! Miss you and love you both xxxx

    PS Poor Abbey and Lucy!! 😦

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