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Day 3 – Rain, rain and more rain…. April 5, 2009

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Hayden didn’t poop yesterday. That can only mean one thing…he will poop overnight and then once he’s awake there’s no going back to sleep – he will shout and shout until I come get him! So up at 6.15 this time…These munchkins are determined to stop me getting any sleep!!

Hayden wasn’t in the best mood this morning. I mix between teething (which can be solved with some pain relief) and getting seriously worried about where his mummy is. I could tell he wanted Kara this morning and wasn’t sure where she was. He will be so excited tomorrow morning!! We had to work through a couple of time outs (caused by sharing and refusing to stop shaking the gate) but he recovered from both well.

Good thing was the F1 was on early so we laid about on the beanbag and watched some of that before we headed out. He is loving that the F1 season has started (honest he is addicted to it :)) – but a monsoon came along and stopped the race so it was time for us to do something…

We have a new family tradition to go to Einsteins (bagels) on Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure if it was breaking tradition if I didn’t go, of if I went without Kara, but considering Kara is out having lots of fun snowshoeing (and etc) then I think we were justified in our choice to go!! So Hayden had his usual bagel and loved it (he had already had some cheerios so I wasn’t completely sure how he was going to get on) and behaved himself impeccably. It was weird being there with just him. Having conversation with someone that only knows 20 words is a little one way…. 😀

Afterwards I was in two minds too either head home and or go over to this park Kara had told me about. I knew he would need changing soon but it was a lovely sunny morning and we were close. We chose the park. I was a little worried when I got there as we were the only people there and it was a huge climbing area. I meant huge.. Must have had 20 swings and about 20 different slides and tunnels. The minute I got Hayden out of the car he just ran towards it. Left me for dust!

This park was great. The whole time we were there, about 45 minutes, we only saw a couple of joggers. Hayden loved it. He went down almost every slide (i even went down one really tall one with him but I picked up some much static on the way down off my fleece i thought i was going to electrocute myself!! ) climbed everything there was to climb and went on all the swings – all the time going “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”…Just as we were leaving four families turned up – perfect timing!

Just as he was getting ready for nap time – the rain came (and came, and came.. 7 hours later it’s still coming down) Also thunder and lightening – I was worried he wouldn’t sleep by he was knackered so it wasn’t a problem. He had already looked like he was going to pass out when we were on our way home from the playground.

After he woke up the weather somewhat put a damper in our plans. We decided to just chill around the house. We spent some time looking at photos and he was very excited each time we were looking at pictures of either me (and he point at the picture, say dad-da and then point at me, some of these pictures were old so I was very impressed) or Kara and obviously accompany it with a “mum-my’.

He said “nanny” for the first time, but unfortunately my mum didn’t hear it…(even though she was on the other end of the phone!!). The rest of the afternoon we just played with different toys, a game of football, “soccer”, hide and seek, stack the cd;s (his current favourite) and an hilarious game of if you’re happy and you know it (mainly because watching him try to jump is magic! Hayden was easy and in a pretty good mood – Lucy on the other hand was a nightmare! She is feeling so sorry for herself right now, her leg is still obviously hurting her, and she can’t go out without someone. The problem was it was pouring down all day, and I had Hayden so couldn’t really get her outside. She must haved wined permanently for 4 hours. It will driving me crazy…. it should have been a chilled afternoon with Hayden but it turned into a stress fess because of Lucy – she is still being odd even though I’ve taken her outside. Also I just found pee in the dining room…but I’m wondering if it’s actually MiMi because she seems to be scared to get wet and hasn’t peed in ages!! Oh well the fun of having animals!!

We finished the weekend the only way I knew how -with Cars the movie of course!!
Can’t wait for Kara to get back! Neither can Hayden, he was calling her name just before bedtime again!!


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  1. Faith Says:

    Awww, you are such a good daddy!

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