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That one! April 27, 2009

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Well, it has been a really long time since my last post.  We were in Florida last week, so once we get some pictures up I will give an update on that.  In short, we had a great time!

Hayden is really coming along with his speech now that he can hear properly.  He’s even moved onto two-letter words!  He says ‘that one’ about 100 times a day.  He points to things and says ‘that one,’ and he either wants to have whatever it is or know what it is (usually the former).  His favorite word is (still, if I haven’t mentioned before) ‘no.’  “Do you want dinner?” “No.”  “Do you want to talk to Grandma?” “No.” “Do you want to go outside?” “No.”  “Do you want ice cream?”  Silence.  See, he doesn’t say yes yet, this is the problem.  So usually if a question is asked – pretty much any question – he will say no.  Even if it is something he wants.  Occasionally he will say nothing and just look at you, like if you ask if he wants ice cream.  He knows he really shouldn’t say no, but he’s not gotten the yes thing down yet.  So he doesn’t say yes but he DOES say teacher.  (shaking head) Figure that out!


One Response to “That one!”

  1. Faith Says:

    Ha! Avery used to do that too. No is SO much more fun than Yes.

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