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Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner May 27, 2009

Filed under: Hayden Blogs — JDG @ 1:42 am

I know a lot of the recent blogs focus on Hayden’s speech, but we are at that point where his speech accelerated from 10 words a month ago to about 200 now so you can’t blame us!!  Well the word he seems to put the most passion into is “Outside” as Kara already referred to.  What she didn’t mention is that he says it with a rude boy West London accent!  It’s more like Outsiiiiiaid.  I’m very proud of my little boy!!

Another one of his favorite phrase is “another one” – apparently you actually say “Another one” a lot – when you have a children that repeats everything you say, in particular the phrases he knows well, you realize you say certain things 5/10 times a day.  Anyway to backup my earlier point – he says “another one” more like “nuvver one” – Perfect little cockney boy I’ve created it!! 😀

One extra point on this post – it shows I’ve been away too long and also all my brain cells have been fried by drinking too much or something – I spelt London, “Londen” for a moment!  That is really worrying.


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