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Singing June 30, 2009

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Kara beat me to this a little bit with her twinkle twinkle… but singing is a new activity for me and Hayden at bathtime.  We got some classics down already like “lalalalalalalalala”, “mermermermermermermer” and mine and Hayden’s personal favourite “nananananananananananana” to the tune of Banana Splits.    Everytime I do that he gets really excited and sings in response to me.  He is getting better and better at the different notes.  Obviously he has a great teacher in me!!

Last weekend at the lake I was teaching him Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) and he smashed it up!!  He is a born rock star (especially if you saw how he plays my guitar already!)….


Twinkle twinkle UPDATE

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Hayden has started joining in when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to him.  I was singing it to him the other night before bedtime and when I got to the part that goes, ‘up above the world so high’ he started saying ‘upa, upa.’  He has since repeated other parts of the song in his little singsong way, one or two words at a time.  He seems shy about it, too.  He’ll say, for instance, ‘twiiiinklllle’ really quietly with this shy smile on his face and his shoulders scrunched up.  It’s so cute!

Update: when I put Hayden down tonight he was singing a lot of the whole song with me.  I was surprised because he sang a lot of the words as I sang them, instead of waiting to hear what they were and repeating them.  I accidentally said “how I wonder WHERE you are” and he still sang “how I wonder WHAT you are!”



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One of Hayden’s day care teachers told me last week that when he gets angry or upset he reacts in a way that she has not seen of another toddler his age before.  If another kid pushes him or takes his toy or another injustice he will storm off, visibly angry, and grab a book and sit down with it and turn the pages angrily, or he will grab a toy and sort of angrily play with it.  It’s hard to write how she acted it out, but it seemed pretty funny.  At least at this point he is not showing aggression toward his playmates which makes me happy, even though he does like to test the waters by trying to slap me and John when he is not happy.  We have had a few time outs for that!



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Hayden is trying him best to become a good boy.  We tell him to say please before he gets something when it’s good (like cake) i.e. do you want some cake – say “please”.. he responds with a really cute “pease”…. hopefully this is the start of him being a nice polite boy!

Also he can finally say yes – I must admit I did love his no’s (he would shake his head violently at the same time – even if it was something that sometimes he wanted to do).   So when I ask him “is daddy brilliant?” – of course the first word out of his mouth is…. “YES!” – unfortunately I don’t think he has any idea what it means!


Lids June 27, 2009

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I thought lids would be a barrier for Hayden till he was three or four.  Nope.  The other day he took his bubble bath container from the side of the bath and proceeded to unscrew the cap like it was something he had done a million times.  No problem, 10 seconds of turning and off comes the lid.  One very proud and happy boy (until he realizes he tipped all the bubble bath out)…One worried dad as his potential for trouble grows!