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Clean Plate Club July 28, 2009

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Even though Hayden is generally a champion eater we are always looking for ways to encourage him.  Recently we came up with (I am writing “We” as there is a dispute over who actually came up with this!”) the idea that everytime he cleans his plate we shout out “clean plate club” and get really excited.

Hayden loves it!!  He’ll just start shouting it half way through his dinner (his indication that he has finished and he deserves to be in the clean plate club).  However it doesn’t quite pronounce it correctly…. in fact the first few times he was shouting it we had no idea what he was saying.  It’s more like “key put cub”…

He has now advanced to picking up his plate banging it and tipping it upside down and shouting “key put cub” at full volume.  Which is fine except for all the ketchup all falls on the floor!


Counting and Alphabet July 14, 2009

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Hayden can count to 10 now.  We have been incorporating numbers into a lot of things that he does – as he climbs up the stairs we count them out, we have foam numbers in the bath that we line up and count, we count cars when we are driving.  He has a very sing-song way of counting; the numbers go up at the end.  Last night John and Hayden were counting at dinner and Hayden started alternating his numbers with John.  John said 1, Hayden said 2, John said 3, Hayden said 4, and so on.  It was so funny!  He’s been able to read his numbers for a while now, but saying them in order is new.

He can read all his letters, and now we are working on the alphabet song.  Sometimes he chimes in with the right letter while I sing it, but lately I will start singing it and he will take over, just sing ‘C D C D C D’ over and over to the tune of the alphabet song.  🙂


Photo albums July 8, 2009

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Hayden’s been really interested in looking at our photo albums lately.  He will go through them and excitedly name the people in them, including himself (he started saying his own name recently).  It was while looking through photos that I first heard him say “Brama” (for Grandma).  John said that a couple of times he was looking through the photo albums with him while I wasn’t there and when he got to pictures of me holding him as a baby he would start swatting the baby and try to push it away from me.  (This is what he tries to do to other kids/babies if I am holding them.)

Speaking of Brama, when Scott was visiting we went to lunch at a restaurant where Hayden and I often meet my mom for lunch.  I was getting him out of his car seat and he recognized where we were because he started saying, ‘Brama! Brama!’ even though she wasn’t there and there wasn’t anyone around who looked like her.



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We discovered a couple of months ago that Hayden loved stickers.  We could use this to our advantage by using stickers as a reward.  He went through a phase where he did not want to have his diaper changed, and once we threw a sticker reward into the mix he became much more agreeable. (He still sometimes makes diaper changes difficult, but not nearly as often).

Then a short time ago he got a bad scrape on his knee and I tried to put a band-aid on it.  He threw the biggest fit as I tried to get this band-aid on (which was helpful, since I was hoping not to get blood on the carpet), and from then on he wants nothing to do with band-aids or stickers.  We show him stickers and he is interested in them but he wants us to wear them instead of him (which explains why I had three “I’ve been Krogering” stickers on my hand yesterday).  He used to wear them on his arms, right on the skin, so I think if he had previously been putting them on his shirt or shorts he would still be wearing them ok.  I bought him some cartoon band-aids in the hopes that I could entice him to wear them happily on his knee (he does wear them ok once they are on, but it is difficult to get them on in the first place), and even spongebob and diego don’t seem to be enough to get him excited about wearing them.  Wouldn’t you know  it – we were just a day or two away from the scab from the last big scrape falling off and he went and scraped up the same knee even worse yesterday.

Although he seems to be on a sticker break, he is still very interested in sticker books.  Grandpaman and Grandma G got him a sticker book when we were down at the lake, and he gets so excited when he sees it. He says, “tickoh, tickoh” with a big smile and climbs up into my lap to look through the sticker book and move the stickers around.


Fun stuff with cousins

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Summer is in full swing, and we have had a couple of outings with Hayden’s cousins, Jesse and Robby.  We went to the Monon Center water park, which was such a fun day! It’s a new center that opened last year, and it’s perfect for their age.  There’s a baby area that was good for Robby and Hayden, and another area that was for slightly older kids (preschool and older, I would say) but it was shallow enough that they could still play on some parts in that area, too.  There is a lazy river that we floated on.  There are two sections on the lazy river where you have to go under water that is pouring down waterfall-style, and the water flows a little too powerfully I think.  Hayden was really anxious whenever we would approach a waterfall (he was literally trying to scramble out of my lap), but if we got over to the side you could somewhat avoid it slightly and that seemed better for him.  It was such a hot day that there were tons of people there, but luckily it didn’t hamper our good time.

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to the zoo with the cousins (and Grandma, Grandpa, Dusty, Tami, and even our friend Scott who was over visiting from England).  It was really sweet because whenever Robby is around Hayden he is sooo sweet with him.  He loves being around him and always watches out for him and offers his toys to Hayden.  At the zoo he kept holding hands with Hayden, which was adorable and also very practical since it was incredibly busy.

I bought Hayden some sunglasses before our Florida vacation in the spring, and he would have nothing to do with them for months.  Suddenly a couple of weeks ago he grabbed my sunglasses off my face and wore them quite happily.  John then got him to wear his own sunglasses later, and now he absolutely loves wearing them.  John put them on him when we got to the zoo and he had them on for ages.  He looked hilarious!  He was running around the play area and they were bouncing up and down on his face, and I had assumed he was only wearing them because he forgot they were on and once he remembered they were on he would take them off, but as they were bouncing on his face he just adjusted them and kept going!


Dora, Dora, Dora the explorer

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Hayden has inherited many books from the neighbors down the street, and several of these books are Dora the Explorer books.  He has always been interested in them, and so we looked around and found the show on tv.  We’ve recorded a bunch of them so we can have them on hand whenever they are needed, like when his nails need to be trimmed or sunscreen needs to be applied (these two things really get him into terrible two toddler mode).  He LOVES Dora.  He’ll watch it and when she comes on he says Dora! about a hundred times.  Then her monkey friend Boots comes on and it’s Boots! a hundred time.  Then Map comes on, and it’s Map! Map! Map!… He loves it.  Dora uses some Spanish words throughout her show, and he repeat these (with some encouragement from Mommy and Daddy) which is quite cute.


New Blog Home…. A New Look And Feel…. July 7, 2009

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Out with the old and in with the new…..

As much as we love the old Hayden blog and gallery we have decided to move to an online hosted blog through WordPress for reasons of just saving money and wanted more flexibility with the pictures.  It’s the same software that we were using before but it has some enhancements and also some restrictions.  It has more controls on what we can do (i.e. we can’t link the headers to external sites) but it’s easy to use and we think the template we are using is pretty cool!!

haydenplaceIt means you’ll need to update any RSS feeds you had set up.  Probably also want to change your bookmarks unless you had the root domain (www.haydengoodwin.com) bookmarked which should still bring you back here..

We’ve also moved the Gallery to use Flickr.  This is probably the most popular online photo sharing network, and it’s easy (for people in the US at least) to print your pictures.  You can also download, comment and share the pictures easily.

Let us know what you think!!


Daddy’s Day!!

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Hayden gave me a great Father’s Day!  I got a card and presents from him (he got me golf lessons as he think he is already better than me – probably true!!).  Then Hayden and I went to the splash park together to have some father/son time.  We are lucky in that we have two splash parks within walking distance of our house (but we drive of course – this is America after all!!).

At the first park he was excited when he first got there, but then when he saw the water he started to get a little apprehensive. He was following this girl around and just starting to get comfortable, and he followed her over to one of the water toys that was just gently spraying out water, then out of nowhere it started spraying really hard and knocked Hayden off his feet!! He of course starting crying and then, justifiably so, wasn’t really very interested in the water anymore! We hung around and played on some of the dry climbing frames but largely started away from the water.

The second water park was a little more friendly for him as the water sprays weren’t as violent. Poor pouring water rather than spraying water. However he kept leaving his toys around for other boys to find, and kept trying to take other kids toys who didn’t want to give them up, and then by that point the kids that had his toys didn’t want to give them up either 😀 So lots of distraction techniques but it all worked out fine.

He did a great job telling me it’s was daddy’s day!   That was very cool 🙂 I figured “father’s day” might be too much of a mouthful so told him today was daddy’s day and he kept repeating it! I liked that a lot!

Later on we just went for Pizza and Beer before bedtime!! Shame it only comes around once a year.


O-sey July 3, 2009

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Hayden finally started saying Lucy’s name a few weeks ago.  He’s had Abbey and Mimi down for a while, and Lucy has seemed a difficult one for him to get up the nerve to try.  It comes out “O-sey,” like “horsey” without the H or R.  John and I have found ourselves calling her O-sey most of the time now, too!  Also in the Goodwin household for the time being, milk is moot and heavy is heaby.  I’m sure once he starts saying them correctly we will too… or will we? 🙂


Thumb sucking

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Last time my cousin Mandy was here she pointed out something I hadn’t really noticed before.  When Hayden is sucking his thumb he puts his other hand up to his cheek.  He has his left thumb in his mouth and his right hand laying there on his face.  He does this most of the time when he is thumb sucking, particularly when he is tired (which is the most common time he sucks his thumb in the first place).  It’s pretty cute!