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New Blog Home…. A New Look And Feel…. July 7, 2009

Filed under: Website Info — JDG @ 5:29 pm

Out with the old and in with the new…..

As much as we love the old Hayden blog and gallery we have decided to move to an online hosted blog through WordPress for reasons of just saving money and wanted more flexibility with the pictures.  It’s the same software that we were using before but it has some enhancements and also some restrictions.  It has more controls on what we can do (i.e. we can’t link the headers to external sites) but it’s easy to use and we think the template we are using is pretty cool!!

haydenplaceIt means you’ll need to update any RSS feeds you had set up.  Probably also want to change your bookmarks unless you had the root domain (www.haydengoodwin.com) bookmarked which should still bring you back here..

We’ve also moved the Gallery to use Flickr.  This is probably the most popular online photo sharing network, and it’s easy (for people in the US at least) to print your pictures.  You can also download, comment and share the pictures easily.

Let us know what you think!!


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