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Stickers July 8, 2009

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We discovered a couple of months ago that Hayden loved stickers.  We could use this to our advantage by using stickers as a reward.  He went through a phase where he did not want to have his diaper changed, and once we threw a sticker reward into the mix he became much more agreeable. (He still sometimes makes diaper changes difficult, but not nearly as often).

Then a short time ago he got a bad scrape on his knee and I tried to put a band-aid on it.  He threw the biggest fit as I tried to get this band-aid on (which was helpful, since I was hoping not to get blood on the carpet), and from then on he wants nothing to do with band-aids or stickers.  We show him stickers and he is interested in them but he wants us to wear them instead of him (which explains why I had three “I’ve been Krogering” stickers on my hand yesterday).  He used to wear them on his arms, right on the skin, so I think if he had previously been putting them on his shirt or shorts he would still be wearing them ok.  I bought him some cartoon band-aids in the hopes that I could entice him to wear them happily on his knee (he does wear them ok once they are on, but it is difficult to get them on in the first place), and even spongebob and diego don’t seem to be enough to get him excited about wearing them.  Wouldn’t you know  it – we were just a day or two away from the scab from the last big scrape falling off and he went and scraped up the same knee even worse yesterday.

Although he seems to be on a sticker break, he is still very interested in sticker books.  Grandpaman and Grandma G got him a sticker book when we were down at the lake, and he gets so excited when he sees it. He says, “tickoh, tickoh” with a big smile and climbs up into my lap to look through the sticker book and move the stickers around.


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