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Counting and Alphabet July 14, 2009

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Hayden can count to 10 now.  We have been incorporating numbers into a lot of things that he does – as he climbs up the stairs we count them out, we have foam numbers in the bath that we line up and count, we count cars when we are driving.  He has a very sing-song way of counting; the numbers go up at the end.  Last night John and Hayden were counting at dinner and Hayden started alternating his numbers with John.  John said 1, Hayden said 2, John said 3, Hayden said 4, and so on.  It was so funny!  He’s been able to read his numbers for a while now, but saying them in order is new.

He can read all his letters, and now we are working on the alphabet song.  Sometimes he chimes in with the right letter while I sing it, but lately I will start singing it and he will take over, just sing ‘C D C D C D’ over and over to the tune of the alphabet song.  🙂


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