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Clean Plate Club July 28, 2009

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Even though Hayden is generally a champion eater we are always looking for ways to encourage him.  Recently we came up with (I am writing “We” as there is a dispute over who actually came up with this!”) the idea that everytime he cleans his plate we shout out “clean plate club” and get really excited.

Hayden loves it!!  He’ll just start shouting it half way through his dinner (his indication that he has finished and he deserves to be in the clean plate club).  However it doesn’t quite pronounce it correctly…. in fact the first few times he was shouting it we had no idea what he was saying.  It’s more like “key put cub”…

He has now advanced to picking up his plate banging it and tipping it upside down and shouting “key put cub” at full volume.  Which is fine except for all the ketchup all falls on the floor!


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