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Daddy’s Day!! July 7, 2009

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Hayden gave me a great Father’s Day!  I got a card and presents from him (he got me golf lessons as he think he is already better than me – probably true!!).  Then Hayden and I went to the splash park together to have some father/son time.  We are lucky in that we have two splash parks within walking distance of our house (but we drive of course – this is America after all!!).

At the first park he was excited when he first got there, but then when he saw the water he started to get a little apprehensive. He was following this girl around and just starting to get comfortable, and he followed her over to one of the water toys that was just gently spraying out water, then out of nowhere it started spraying really hard and knocked Hayden off his feet!! He of course starting crying and then, justifiably so, wasn’t really very interested in the water anymore! We hung around and played on some of the dry climbing frames but largely started away from the water.

The second water park was a little more friendly for him as the water sprays weren’t as violent. Poor pouring water rather than spraying water. However he kept leaving his toys around for other boys to find, and kept trying to take other kids toys who didn’t want to give them up, and then by that point the kids that had his toys didn’t want to give them up either 😀 So lots of distraction techniques but it all worked out fine.

He did a great job telling me it’s was daddy’s day!   That was very cool 🙂 I figured “father’s day” might be too much of a mouthful so told him today was daddy’s day and he kept repeating it! I liked that a lot!

Later on we just went for Pizza and Beer before bedtime!! Shame it only comes around once a year.


O-sey July 3, 2009

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Hayden finally started saying Lucy’s name a few weeks ago.  He’s had Abbey and Mimi down for a while, and Lucy has seemed a difficult one for him to get up the nerve to try.  It comes out “O-sey,” like “horsey” without the H or R.  John and I have found ourselves calling her O-sey most of the time now, too!  Also in the Goodwin household for the time being, milk is moot and heavy is heaby.  I’m sure once he starts saying them correctly we will too… or will we? 🙂


Thumb sucking

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Last time my cousin Mandy was here she pointed out something I hadn’t really noticed before.  When Hayden is sucking his thumb he puts his other hand up to his cheek.  He has his left thumb in his mouth and his right hand laying there on his face.  He does this most of the time when he is thumb sucking, particularly when he is tired (which is the most common time he sucks his thumb in the first place).  It’s pretty cute!


Round and Round July 1, 2009

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Hayden is addicted to Cozy Coupes.  Every time we go to someone’s house who has one he plays with this thing non stop.  He’ll get in and out of it 100 hundred times, push it every which way possible, ride in it backwards and forwards.  He just loves it.

Last weekend we had our weekly Friday night Flamingo Party (honest this is not a swingers party but a family neighborhood party!) and it was at the Wu’s house.  Well they have a special Cozy Coupe that is basically a fire truck.   From the moment we got there he must have pushed this thing around for about 2 and a half hours.  We just didn’t seem him.   They live in a cul-de-sac and he pushed this thing around and around and around the cul-de-sac.  He would get to one end of the loop, turn it around and then back the other way.   There were lots of other kids running around and he just ignored them in his own little Cozy Couple world!   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – it made it easy for me to drink beer and socialize while he is occupying himself.

You might ask – why don’t we just buy him his own!  But then what fun would it be when he comes across someone’s elses!


dirty and clean..

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Hayden keeps coming out with stuff and I have absolutely not idea where he got it from!!   But I love how he shows how his brain is developing.

I was putting him into his swing and the tray on the swing was covered in mud and dirt.  So I was getting a cloth to wipe it clean.   As I started to clean it he pointed at it and said “dirty”, once i’d finished “clean! clean!”  seriously no idea where he picks this stuff up.

He was playing with the light remote in the living room the other day.  Every time he turns it off “dark, dark”… turns it on “light, light”

The final example like this that I like the most is when he is getting stuff out of the fridge to help me with breakfast, he really struggles with the juice container (when it’s full) and he tells me “heaby, heaby!!” obviously meaning heavy.   I told him he is Mr Strong and he looks really proud!!


Daddy’s Beer

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If you’ve seen my Facebook status recently you would have already realized how proud I am of my young man.  He likes to help me in the morning getting my breakfast ready.  He recently realized that he can open the Fridge with his new strength so now he get the Milk and Orange juice out for me.  Well next to the Milk there is a bottle of beer.  Hayden in his wisdom got really excited when he saw it and said “daddy’s      beer” (notice the space between words – he likes to emphasise the beer part!!!   I was very proud of him.

This weekend just got he excelled himself even more.  He was opening one of the coolers that we had on the boat and found one of my beers.  This time he took the steps on his own to take it out of the cooler and hand it to me with a nice “daddy’s”.   Since then he had been allowed to watch as much Dora and eat as much chocolate as he wants!!



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Hard to know where to start with the Nanny story (she’s stayed with us for a three week holiday!).  I guess I start at the beginning.  We had been prepping him for a while about her visit.  He would run around the house shouting “Nanny” and would run into the office (because he is used to seeing her on the web cam on the computer!) and point at the monitor.  It’s funny how he builds these associations.

As soon as Nanny arrived Hayden took to her straight away – probably because he remembered how much he gets spoiled!  Since he’s been talking he typically goes very shy if it’s not just Kara and me, but not with Nanny – he was chatting away to her straight away.

Her suitcase had a big heavy label on it …..- No wander it was full of toys and books for Hayden!!  Everyone day a new toy mysteriously appeared, a huge grin appeared on Hayden’s face, and Nanny was number one again!   Every night Nanny would come in when I was getting him ready for bed and I turned into chopped liver!  All he wants is Nanny and then he settles in for a night time reading session with Nanny before bed.  He makes her work though as he normally wants 2 or 3 books read to him!   Then he would give her a kiss and go to sleep immediately excited for the next day with his Nanny!!

We all went to an Indians game one night (local baseball team) and at the end of the game they had fireworks.  Hayden hadn’t really seen fireworks properly (well certainly not close up and loud like these were).  It was also about 9.30pm so it’s real late and these are loud and bright.  He started on Kara, after a while he got a little scared and scrambled across to me.  It was good for another 5 minutes or so and then he got spooked again and this time scrambled across to Nanny where he hung out for the rest of the show.  He looked very happy and obviously felt very safe!!    I suspect Nanny is telling everyone she meets about this story how she was the one he needed when he got scared!!

On her last day he was extra clingy to her.  It’s like he knew she was leaving!  At bath time he gave her the biggest cuddle and refused to be put in the bath as he just wanted Nanny cuddles!!  Her face was priceless!!   It’s such a shame she can’t see more of Hayden (and vice versa).  They clearly love each other very much!

Come back soon Nanny – we all love you!