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Otay! August 18, 2009

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Hayden has never been a ‘yes man.’  Like many toddlers, he has stuck by ‘No’ as long as he has known how to say it and there has not been room for ‘Yes.’  This is still true, because he has found his own way of saying the opposite of no: OTAY!  Which is followed by head nodding.  “Do you want to sit on my lap?” “Otay!”  “Do you want a drink?” “Otay!”  “Do you want to go to day care?” “No, no.”  Well, we still have some work to do but he is branching out on the nos sometimes.  🙂


Mr. Men August 17, 2009

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Nanny (John’s mom) loves to send Hayden Mr. Men books.  He loves reading them, and he asks for them to be read to them multiple times a day.  He’s started to do a couple of funny things with these books the last few days. Nanny always signs the books on the back of the cover: To dear Hayden, lots of love Nanny Mad.  So before the story is started we read that to Hayden.  Now when he “reads” the books on his own he will open one up and say, “Dear Hayden.”  Also, he knows most of the characters names and it seems “Mr.” has become “me” to Hayden.  He will be “reading,” say, Mr. Bounce and he will say “Me Bounce” and then make up a bunch of words, then turn the page and say “Me Bounce” followed by incomprehensible words, and on and on.  If he is reading Mr. Bump then he will be saying “Me Bump” at the start of each page.  He is very animated when he reads and it is so sweet hearing the rise and fall of his voice as though he really is reading.


Bossy Boy August 13, 2009

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Hayden is starting to learn that the dogs are chopped liver.  The dogs (well particularly Mimi) tend to get underfoot a lot especially when going up and down the stairs.  Kara treats them appropriately and tells them to “MOVE” with clear authority.  Well Hayden being impressionable has picked this up!  So whenever Mimi comes near him he just shouts “MOOOOOOOVE” at her.  Cracks me up!! I’m trying to get him to add please to the add of it as it sounds so rude, but I must admit it’s funny and as Kara says they are just dogs!!   I”m just hoping he doesn’t do that at day care!!  Bossy little guy!!

Well when I started this post it was just the dogs he was being bossy to….well now it has moved on to mummy and daddy!!  He’ll come up to one of us and say “Hand”, then take us by the hand and lead us to where he wants to go (normally where his toys are).  Just yesterday morning he took me my the hand into the lounge and then patted the couch and said “Daddy Sit!” and then after I had done what I was told, he gave me a book and told me to “Read, Read Daddy!!”!!  I have no idea where he gets it from!!


Happy 2nd birthday! August 11, 2009

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Hayden had a lovely 2nd birthday.  I had decided that I didn’t want to do a big party every year, and of course we had a party for his 1st birthday so this year was an ‘off’ year.  But somehow he still managed three small party-ish events.

The Friday before his birthday we went to Symphony on the Prairie with Grandpaman and Grandma G.  It was Beatles night so we had lots of fun rockin’ to some of our favorite music.  We brought party hats (leftover from last year) and brownies and he opened GM and GG’s presents.

Then the next day we had Grandma, Grandpa, Dusty, Tami, Jesse, Robby, and Andy to our house for a cookout birthday celebration.  Hayden had been talking about the ‘party’ for days because he saw pictures of his first birthday and was excited to learn there would be another one soon.  But I kept having to remind him on the day that it was his party because everyone was outside in the back and he kept wanting to come inside for some reason.  I thought maybe he didn’t understand that it was his party but I haven’t heard him talking about his party again since that day so I guess maybe he did get that it was happening.  Anyway, he had a Big Bird and Elmo cupcake cake which really seemed to enjoy, and he loved opening his presents.  At the end of the party we turned the movie Cars on and the boys were really cute sitting together on the ottoman watching that.  We were really lucky on that day because he just wouldn’t take a nap before everyone got there, so we worried that he would be difficult but he was a star.

His actual birthday was on Monday so I took the day off to spend with him.  We went to the Monon Center which is a water park with slides and a couple of zero entry pool areas for kids.  Usually he has a blast there but he just wasn’t very into it that day.  I thought maybe it was because when we’ve gone before we’ve gone with more people and even though I was trying to play with him I thought maybe he was a little bored.  We left about 1:15 which was earlier than I planned, but I’d asked him if he wanted to go home and he said yes.  When he woke up from his nap he seemed really out of it and I thought maybe he was still tired so I got him to cuddle with me on the couch and that was when I noticed that he had a fever.  I couldn’t tell when we were at the water park because we were in the sun.  His temp was 102/103 so I got him into the dr and the poor guy had strep throat!  He was so listless that even though it took about 45 minutes to be seen he just sat on my lap and cuddled me the whole time.  She had to take a throat culture which involved swabbing the back of his throat, which as you can imagine was very upsetting for him.  We got him some medicine and really he was back to normal the next day.  After the dr and pharmacy we went home and opened presents, and that REALLY cheered him up!



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Most children will run at the sight or talk of medicine. Well somehow Hayden think medicine is the amber nectar!! He loves this stuff.. He starts shouting “Medicine Medicine Medicine” at full volume whenever he hears us mention it!!

I don’t know what they are putting in that stuff but it’s different from when I was a kid!!  Maybe they are sneaking in some rum!


Coldest July Ever! August 9, 2009

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July in Indiana is warm.  Well that’s what I had learned over the last few years.  If it’s in the 80s you are lucky, more likely is half of the month will drift into the 90s when it starts to get unpleasant.  So a weekend planned at the lake is always a sure fire hit.  It’s going to warm and dry.   What a perfect time to invite over the family – hot dry weather!  Something people from England are not accustomed to (particularly when it’s basically guaranteed! right?)

So we head to Bloomington, two cars full of people (Granddad, Jean and Michelle all with us) to invade Grandpaman and Grandma G’s condo and the thermometer in the car shows 65F. Surely that’s just because it’s the morning, right?   Well if it got above 68F that day I would be very surprised.  Average this time of year about 86F.  It was the coldest high temperature on that particular day basically since records began!!  Damn English bringing their weather over here 🙂

Of course I would like to report that this did not put off the English and (I include Hayden in this, half his gene pool is from the other side of the pond) despite the weather (maybe in spite of it!  if it was too hot we might have melted) we were perfectly happy to be swimming in the lake and working on our tans (on this cold overcast day).  To be honest I’m sure it was warmer in the water than out of it – but none of the American’s were willing to try!!  Big babies 😀



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For Granddad’s 70th birthday his present was a surprise holiday to the US to visit us!  Michelle and Jean decided to follow to make sure he didn’t get lost at the airport so a big party of people arrived a few weeks back for a 10 night visit.  Hayden was very excited that Granddad and Auntie Michelle were coming to see it.    He was so excited that we took him to the airport to greet them, they came out of the terminal and he got really excited and ran straight past them into the area that you’re not supposed to pass!!

Hayden just loved playing with his granddad.  In the Swimming pool when we went to the Monon centre they were playing with the water shoots and then Granddad played hide and seek in the water with him which he absolutely loved.  I was impressed he got him to play with the water jets he had already been scared of them before (that’s Hayden not granddad!!)

We had a jam packed week.  We went to the lake and hung out on the boat (coldest day ever in July – more to come on that in another post) grabbed brunch in Bloomington, stopped off at the winery (booze was involved in most activities! :))  went to the monon center, fishers concert (and Hayden kept Granddad on his feet!  He had him up dancing and then running up and down in between everybody!! It’s the most relaxing concert I’ve been to with him – I just put my feet up and sipped my cold beer!!), children’s museum, cool creek nature trials, Nascar at the track (Hayden didn’t come with us to this one though), baseball, Symphony on the Prairie, etc etc..  It really was jam packed with stuff!

I think Granddad had a great time, and I know that Hayden adored him.  They were always playing together and Hayden loved having him down at his level playing with all his toys.   Just before they left we went for food at local restaurant and Hayden was a little Tired after all his late nights and can be a little unpredictable at restaurants.  Well we sat him next to Granddad and we didn’t hear a peep out of him the whole time!!  They kept each other amused and also well feed as neither of them had empty plates!!   Come back anytime Granddad!!


Dripping.. August 4, 2009

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Recently Hayden is getting in a habit of overfilling his diapers!  A few weeks back we were at Joe’s Crab Shack and he was just starting to get fussy at the end of the meal.  While Kara paid up I took him out of his chair and outside so he could look at the boats and the water.  He felt a little on the heavy side as I picked him up but I was just concentrating on getting him outside so he didn’t start to go crazy in the restaurant.  As we got outside I suddenly felt that warm feeling against me that  you just can’t mistake!    I pulled Hayden away from me and suddenly realizing he was dripping like a tap and his entire trousers were cover top to bottom in pee!!  Poor little guy was just bursting out of his diaper.  We didn’t have a change of clothes for his so he had to walk around in his diaper until we were ready to go – which made me laugh (which considering I was covered in pee was pretty good of me!!)

A couple of weekends back  on the boat I was standing next to Hayden and then that warm feeling came around again…..this time the warm liquid started to roll down his legs on to my feet!  It was a cold weekend so things could have been worse I guess!!   Larry’s boat might have a funny stain on the carpet for a couple of weeks though!

Things come in threes right…. so while my dad was here we went to the Monon Center swimming.  Hayden and I were enjoying a nice tour around the lazy river when I got that feeling again!!!    I notice there weren’t many boats around us at the time – probably because we were leaving a yellow trail behind us!!!  Thanks Hayden!!

So just to show it’s not totally personal last week while we were at the Fisher’s Summer Concert Hayden was sat on Grandma G’s lap listening to the music and hanging out when she got to experience that warm feeling!!!  At least she is now fully initiated as a Grandma!!


In Love With A Fire Truck

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Granddad wanted to give Hayden’s his birthday presents before he left so he could enjoy Hayden opening them.  Well he bought him this big toy fire truck.  Well I’ve never see someone so in love with a piece of plastic (no rude comments here please).   From the moment he got it out of the wrapping paper he got excited and then just hugged this thing to death.  It has three buttons that make all these lights and sounds come on so that made a nice background to the symphony (we were at symphony at the Prairie).  I think Granddad hit the spot with this present!