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Granddad August 9, 2009

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For Granddad’s 70th birthday his present was a surprise holiday to the US to visit us!  Michelle and Jean decided to follow to make sure he didn’t get lost at the airport so a big party of people arrived a few weeks back for a 10 night visit.  Hayden was very excited that Granddad and Auntie Michelle were coming to see it.    He was so excited that we took him to the airport to greet them, they came out of the terminal and he got really excited and ran straight past them into the area that you’re not supposed to pass!!

Hayden just loved playing with his granddad.  In the Swimming pool when we went to the Monon centre they were playing with the water shoots and then Granddad played hide and seek in the water with him which he absolutely loved.  I was impressed he got him to play with the water jets he had already been scared of them before (that’s Hayden not granddad!!)

We had a jam packed week.  We went to the lake and hung out on the boat (coldest day ever in July – more to come on that in another post) grabbed brunch in Bloomington, stopped off at the winery (booze was involved in most activities! :))  went to the monon center, fishers concert (and Hayden kept Granddad on his feet!  He had him up dancing and then running up and down in between everybody!! It’s the most relaxing concert I’ve been to with him – I just put my feet up and sipped my cold beer!!), children’s museum, cool creek nature trials, Nascar at the track (Hayden didn’t come with us to this one though), baseball, Symphony on the Prairie, etc etc..  It really was jam packed with stuff!

I think Granddad had a great time, and I know that Hayden adored him.  They were always playing together and Hayden loved having him down at his level playing with all his toys.   Just before they left we went for food at local restaurant and Hayden was a little Tired after all his late nights and can be a little unpredictable at restaurants.  Well we sat him next to Granddad and we didn’t hear a peep out of him the whole time!!  They kept each other amused and also well feed as neither of them had empty plates!!   Come back anytime Granddad!!


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