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Golf! September 26, 2009

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Hayden is a pretty smart kid.  Of course I would say that but I honestly believe it.  A recent example is we had run out of my normal cereal so I looked what else was in the cupboard and I saw some Rice Crispies that we bought for my mum when she was here back in May.   As soon as I got the box out I get a  “Nanny’s cereal” from Hayden.  Kara and I looked at each other in shock.  I didn’t even know they were hers until Kara told me!

Anyway that’s not my point but it just indicates he’s smart.  Well despite that he thinks every single sport is Golf!  We put on Footy/Soccer – it’s Golf.  We put on Tennis, it’s Golf,  American Football – Golf, Baseball – Golf!   We even had his favorite Formula One on this morning, “Race Cars” and even during that at one point he just shouted out “Golf!”

I think this all started from the Harfst reunion when he met Greg for the first time.  He was messing around going in and out of the different cottages and came across Greg sat on the couch watching Golf.  He jumped and watched it for a while, and clearly it had a big impression on him!!

The only thing that is a little more messed up – when we actually put on Golf – “Tennis!!”


Never Try To Reason With A Two Year Old September 25, 2009

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Every time Hayden has one of his regular check-ups we get a small leaflet informing us of what to expect from a children of that age.  At his 24 months check-up there was one point that stood out heads and shoulders above the others: “Never Try To Reason With A Two Year Old”.  This cracked me up because it’s so true, but also as a parent you just can’t resist challenging it…..

“Hayden if you a good boy at dinner you’ll get a brownie after dinner” – what happens?  Hayden talks about a Brownie all the way through dinner, basically doesn’t touch his dinner because he heard the word brownie and after a short while starts to shout at you “BROWNIE DADDY.  DADDY GET IT.  DADDY SIT RIGHT HERE.”

Basically you lose every time but it’s fun trying to reason with a two year old.


Wheels on the bus

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Hayden is really starting to sing along to some of his favourite songs recently.  Most of his toys have little ditties.  His bus has some of his favourites… Driver on the bus says “moona back, moona back”.  “The wheels on the bus, rund and rund”.   A,B,Cs is another of his big favourites. He even gets fussy sometimes when the song plays and it’s not he one he wants, like on his iPod, it’ll play pat-a-cake and he’ll get all fussy “a,b,c, a,b,c ‘s” with some in between screaming until we adjust his ipod.  This boy knows what he wants – he’s also a pretty good singer – obviously getting that from his dad!! 😀



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Hayden is starting to learn that the dogs are chopped liver.  The dogs (well particularly Mimi) tend to get under feet a lot especially when going and down stairs.  Kara treats then appropriately and tells them to “MOVE” with clear authority.  Well Hayden being impressionable has picked this up!  So whenever Mimi comes near him he just shouts “MOOOOOOOVE” at her.  Cracks me up!! I’m trying to get him to add please to the add of it as it sounds so rude, but I must admit it’s funny and as Kara says they are just dogs!!   I”m just hoping he doesn’t do that at Daycare!!  Bossy little guy!!


Daddy sit right there! September 14, 2009

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Hayden is up to four word sentences!  He’s pretty bossy, and lately he will want to “play toys” and he will say “mommy (or daddy) sit right there.”  As expected with his age, he is very particular about where he wants us to sit and what we are to play with.  If we don’t follow the rules and we have anything else going against us (such as, if he is tired) then he will get upset.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen EVERY time he orders us around and we don’t cater to him (he’s usually pretty easy going for a 2 year old).


Harfst family reunion

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Better late than never, I guess!  We had a Harfst family reunion, oh, a month ago now up in Saugatuck, MI.  It was a great time!  We had really nice weather, the area was very cute, and we had 100% attendance!  Even my cousin Greg was able to make it, and I haven’t seen him for about 18 years or something crazy like that.  John obviously had never met him.

The first day we hung out at the pool while we waited for people to arrive.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Marilyn had made a fantastic gumbo that we had for dinner (and consequently one of the cottages retained the delicious smell for the rest of the weekend!).  There were 3 cottages side-by-side that we were pretty confined to in the evenings since Hayden had to go to sleep in the early evening.

The second day we went to the beach.  I was really perfect weather, and we all enjoyed catching some rays and shooting the breeze.  In the evening we took a cruise out into Lake Michigan, then had another delicious meal prepared by Uncle Bill and Aunt Marilyn.  Sunday we went out to breakfast and headed home.

It was about a 3 hour drive for each family (apart from Greg, who had flown in from New York).  Hayden did pretty well on both journeys.  We had gotten him a little portable DVD player in the hopes that it would entertain him the whole trip.  He would be into it for a few minutes but that was it.


Hayden No Nap September 1, 2009

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Hayden seems to be done with his naps at home.  I really hope this is a temporary glitch.  He is still napping at day care, but when he is home he sits up in his room and just chats loudly until we finally come and get him.  It makes for a long day, and he seems to get bored as the day goes on when he hasn’t napped.  That makes sense I suppose, since he isn’t getting any sort of break where he can come back and things seem new again.  Sunday he had not napped since Wednesday at day care and he seemed kind of tired all morning.  We tried to get him to nap and when John went in to check on him he had a dirty diaper that was likely the cause of him not sleeping.  So that got changed and after a while John tried again to get him to nap, which failed again.  There comes a time in the afternoon where it is too late to nap without impacting bedtime, and we had reached that point but by about 4:00 he was so tired that he was getting upset a lot so I just put him to bed to give him (and us) a break and he crashed out.  We didn’t want him to sleep too long, so a little after 5 we got him up and boy did we pay for that for about 45 minutes.  Nothing would make him happy; all he wanted to do was scream and cry.  He didn’t know what he wanted – he’d cry because you picked him up and then he’d cry harder if you put him back down.  Eventually I put him back in his crib to try to let him sort himself out either by going back to sleep for a little bit or by collecting himself, and that did seem to work mostly (although he was still touchy the rest of the evening).  He naps fine at day care, so I really hope this was just a two-week thing and he will be napping again on Thurs!  (fingers crossed)


One, six, seven, eight

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Hayden is really into his counting!  He will sit on the floor reading his books and start pointing and counting out things on the page.  Or he will count as he walks with us up the stairs.  He knows his numbers and can also read them, but in Hayden’s world right now the order goes: one, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  If you count with him and get the two in after the one he will usually get the order right, but even then sometimes he will jump straight to that six the first chance he gets.  He seems to know the numbers about up to 20, though.  Last night he was walking up the stairs with John and they were alternating their counting (John would say one, Hayden two, John three, Hayden four…) and got up to 20 or so.  I am always impressed when I count with him going up the stairs and he gets passed ten.

An update on my previous “otay” post: Hayden now says “yeah” quite a bit.  We still get some “otays,” but frequently now he is saying “yeah!”