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One, six, seven, eight September 1, 2009

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Hayden is really into his counting!  He will sit on the floor reading his books and start pointing and counting out things on the page.  Or he will count as he walks with us up the stairs.  He knows his numbers and can also read them, but in Hayden’s world right now the order goes: one, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  If you count with him and get the two in after the one he will usually get the order right, but even then sometimes he will jump straight to that six the first chance he gets.  He seems to know the numbers about up to 20, though.  Last night he was walking up the stairs with John and they were alternating their counting (John would say one, Hayden two, John three, Hayden four…) and got up to 20 or so.  I am always impressed when I count with him going up the stairs and he gets passed ten.

An update on my previous “otay” post: Hayden now says “yeah” quite a bit.  We still get some “otays,” but frequently now he is saying “yeah!”


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