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Hayden and Lucy November 13, 2009

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Hayden has always loved the dogs. He loves playing around with them. Getting toys and having them chase him. Recently if the dogs are outside, he opens the back door he’ll start shouting at the dogs to come to the door. Generally he’s just showing more interest in them.

Something specific that’s happened recently is Hayden has started to show Lucy as his clear favorite. When we go on walks he wants to take Lucy. We ask him which dog he wants to take and every time he replies Lucy. He’s generally only interested in walking Lucy. If Lucy is in the room he’ll want to go cuddle her and try and get kisses from her. Generally he just likes to know what she’s up to up. Occasionally he even likes to ride her like a pony! Lucy is brilliant throughout this process of course and just lays there and takes it! (she makes up for it being a bad dog in every other way!) Watching him walk and run along with her is priceless (except for when Lucy make a run for it, drags Hayden along, eventually he lets go and she escapes!)

Mimi is fine around Hayden, but she just pretty much doesn’t really notice him unless it’s dinner time (in which case she has learned from Lucy to beg for scraps). Hayden is pretty much the same, he doesn’t really try and sit on her and torment her like he does with Lucy!


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