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Ultrasound January 15, 2010

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So today was the big ultrasound! As I mentioned previously, I had been tempted to wait to find out the sex of the baby and John had been all for finding out. Well, the closer we got to the ultrasound the more I thought I would probably decide I wanted to know. The night before the ultrasound I had two dreams that I was having the ultrasound, we decided to find out, and it was a boy. (I have been sleeping very lightly the last few days, which makes my dreams even easier to remember than normal.) By the time I woke up I was pretty convinced I wanted to know what it was, so I asked John if he still wanted to find out and – wouldn’t you know it – he had become convinced that he did NOT want to find out!! LOL! We came full circle.

Regardless of finding out the sex, the morning had its share of drama. Hayden is never, ever sick (as in throwing up – colds/ear infections/etc, yes), but as John was hugging Hayden before he left for work Hayden threw up all over the both of them. He seemed ok afterwards, so we thought it was maybe just “one of those things,” but about 1/2 hour later he got a little fussy and clingy and then threw up on me (and him) while I was holding him to try to check he was ok. This was about 2 minutes before I needed to be out the door to get to the appointment. I got us changed and as he did not have a fever and again seemed to be ok I decided to go ahead with the appointment. He was completely fine on the car ride there and all the way through both the u/s and doctor appointments. Phew!

The ultrasound was really great. The technician was very nice and really took her time. She did some 3D imaging which was unexpected. She said she was getting such good images of the baby and s/he looked so great that she might use the images on a poster that the office is creating to show the different stages of pregnancy. The u/s machine that they were using seemed really clear (for an ultrasound), even compared to three years ago when we were getting them for Hayden which seemed fine then. It was easy to make out where the hands, arms, feet, legs, etc were and the different facial features.  I found it funny that I could see that there was about a 2 second delay with the imaging, because I would feel the baby move and then see it on the screen a couple of seconds later.  S/he was in the breech position today, but I got confirmation from the technician and my doctor that at this stage the baby flips position pretty often and it’s no indication that s/he will be breech when it’s time to deliver.  I did keep my eye out to see if I could tell if it was a boy or girl, and I thought I saw some indications that it was a boy, but the umbilical cord is so close to that area that I’m pretty sure that was actually what I was seeing.   The technician said she knew what the sex was so we had her write it down and put it in an envelope, so we have it in our possession in case we decide we do want to know.

The baby is on track for its due date.  Since we hadn’t had any ultrasounds to this point I kind of thought they might change the date since it’s only been based on the dates that I calculated.  S/he was 12 oz today, which is funny because I’ve gained ab0ut 8 pounds, so what the heck? 😉  From my 8 week appointment to my 12 week I gained under 2 pounds, then at my 16 week appointment I weighed the same as at my 12 (to the oz), and I gained just under 6 pounds in the last month!  Well, I guess it was Christmas time and I did NOT take it easy on the food front over Christmas. 😉  Hey, the baby said s/he wanted it.

Hayden was really good during the ultrasound.  He sat with John and before we could see anything he was talking about how the baby was going to be on the screen.  He liked looking at it, but like any 2 year old quickly got distracted and made John talk about the car magazine they had brought in from the waiting area.  It was funny listening to him argue with John during the u/s: “What that one is?” “That’s a Lexus.” “That not Lexus.” “Yes it is a Lexus, Hayden.” “No, that not Lexus.”

After the u/s we had the regular doctor appointment, and that was good.  The doctor even mentioned that my pregnancy was turning out to be “boring” which is a really good thing!  We had an adventurous pregnancy with Hayden and so on, so I welcome boring with open arms!

As we were getting our stuff together to leave the room and checkout, Hayden got very clingy and listless all the sudden, and I asked John if he could hurry and take him outside in case he was sick again while I checked out.  When I got downstairs and saw them outside, there were two puddles on the cement where Hayden had been sick. 😦  Then on the car ride home he fell asleep, which was only at about 10:45 am so that is a really unusual time for him to be tired.  We got home and I put on the Cars movie, and he sat with me on the couch and watched that for a while.  He perked up after about 1/2 hour and even ate a small lunch (I couldn’t get him to eat anything for breakfast).  He’s been his normal self since then, except that he is napping now and went to sleep really easily, and he hardly falls asleep at naptime lately.  Glad he is getting some rest and hopefully he’s going to feel great when he wakes up!


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