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Music February 3, 2010

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Hayden has been VERY interested in music lately, and kind of all of the sudden. He frequently asks us to “put music on.” He’s not that picky about what is on, he just wants music. He’ll come home from day care and ask me to put it on, then he’ll grab my hands and say “I want to dance.” It’s so cute! We’ll dance around for a little while but he doesn’t really get down for too long.  He also goes from speaker to speaker, puts his ear up to it, and then tells me if he can hear “music in that peaker.”

He also loves the weather channel, because they play music a lot (see, he’s not picky). When he gets up in the morning, as soon as he gets downstairs he asks me to “put weather on.” Whenever they go to commercial and the music stops he asks me again to “put weather on” – he doesn’t really get the commercial thing yet.

He likes to hear his toys make music as well, but he does get a little demanding when they play music and wants me to sing the song the toy is playing.  “SING IT!”  Some of his toys play songs that either have no words or I’m not aware of the lyrics, so that always presents a bit of a challenge.  Humming along seems to keep him satisfied enough.

Since he is responding so positively to music, I made up a little song that spells his name.  He LOVES this song – he gets so excited when we get to the part that says “HAYDEN! HAYDEN! HAYDEN!”  He does sing the spelling part of the song, so I guess you could say he can spell his name now.  Although, I don’t know that he knows that’s what he’s doing, and it’s hard to get him to sing along with me when it’s not just the two of us (how convenient – you’ll just have to take my word for it.  He also does multiplication tables, but only when I’m around. 😉 ).  I tried to get him to sing it to his day care teacher this morning but he got shy so I got to sing it by myself.


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