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Favorite questions May 11, 2010

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Hayden’s speech has really exploded in the last few months.  It’s so fun being able to really talk to him and know he understands most of what we are saying.  Of course, this means that when John and I are talking to each other there is not much that gets passed him.  It’s funny to see Hayden react to something I say to John, for instance when he has said or done something funny and I say to John, “Did you hear him?  He just said [insert funny thing here].”  Hayden will start laughing and look at John excitedly so we can all laugh at what he has said.

He asks a LOT of questions right now.  More precisely, he mostly asks the same questions a LOT.  His favorite game right now is “What’s this one parked?”  He takes his cars out of his car case one by one, and he asks us “what this one parked?”  We will tell him where he should “park” the car on his car mat, and he’ll “drive” it over to where we said while he talks about all the cars and the traffic jam/parking lot he is creating.  This morning we were playing the “what’s this one parked” game, and when I would offer a suggestion of where it should go he would say, “how ’bout, how ’bout right there” and put it where he wanted.  The game is evolving!

What you bring this to me? This is translated as “Who gave this to me?”  At the moment he is fascinated by who gave him his toys.  He knows the answers to a lot of them, so often times he will ask me “what you bring this to me” with a smile and I will tell him he knows who brought it for him, who was it, and he will tell me.

What Mimi doing? He also asks about Lucy and Abbey, but Mimi is the most common.  Although he does ask this when we are home, too, the most common time for him to ask this is when we are in the car, or somewhere else where I have no way of knowing what the dog is up to.  So, I have to guess what she might be doing.  It cracks me up that he will randomly ask about the pets when I can’t see an obvious trigger for the thought.

Where we go after…/what we doing after…? This is a big one right now.  He always wants to know what the plan is for the day.  He’ll wake up and tell me it’s not a day care day (see previous post on this topic), then ask me what we are doing.  After I tell him what we’re doing today (day care or not),  he’ll ask me what we are doing after whatever I said we are going to do.  Then ask what we are doing after that.  This will go on until I have mapped out the day, and then he will ask what we are doing after bed, as in what are we doing tomorrow.  As the day goes on he will proceed to tell me what is coming up in our agenda, and when we haven’t done something yet that we are planning to do he will tell me it’s not open yet (“Gymboree not open yet,” “Grandpaman’s not open yet”).  He respects the plan, but when he’s very excited about doing something he does his best to rush through what needs to be done first to get to the main event.  Last Friday Grandma watched him while I had a list of things I had to do.  We talked about all the things on the agenda for the day, which were Gymboree, lunch, Grandma’s house.  When we were at lunch he ate a pretty small amount for him, then he must have told me and Grandma, “I all done” about 60 times while we ate.  He knew he had to have lunch before it was time to go to Grandma’s house, and he had the bare minimum of lunch in order to get it done so he could move on to Grandma’s house.  He hadn’t taken into consideration obviously that he was going to have to wait for us to finish, too.  I think he thought if he could just say “I all done” enough times it would drive us out of there eventually (and I actually believe he was right – I don’t know how many more polite responses I had left to “I all done”).

Which way we going? Another big one right now.  Whenever we get in the car he asks which way we are going.  He doesn’t seem to know his left from right yet, but he wants to be told anyway.  Many times he follows the answer to this question with “Which way left (or right) is?”


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