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I love Elmo! June 18, 2010

Filed under: Mummy On Hayden — karagoodwin @ 2:24 am

Hayden was cracking me up today.  He has rediscovered his Elmo truck, and now he thinks it’s the cat’s meow.  After his napping attempt today (fail), he came downstairs and was all excited playing with his Elmo truck (picking up where he had left off early this morning).  He has told me a couple of times today that he loves Elmo.  The Elmo truck plays the Elmo song, which says, “Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons too….”  He kept pressing the button to play that song, and he suddenly came up to me and said, “I want some goldfish, Mommy!”  meaning goldfish crackers.  I said, “where did that come from?” and he said, “Elmo loves goldfish, too!”  Then he went to his art table and got a crayon and said he was going to give it to Elmo.  He took the crayon and put it next to the small plastic Elmo on the truck.  He ended up giving several crayons to Elmo.  Then he would leave the room and come back with various things and tell me they were for Elmo.  “Mommy, this car is for Elmo, okkkaaay?”  “I’m going to take Elmo to a Colts game.”  “Mommy, this book is for Elmo, okkaaay?”  “Elmo’s my best, Mommy.  I love Elmo.”  It’s funny how he’s had this Elmo car since he was about 10 months old and all of the sudden he is super interested in it.  It’s never been put away, but the last couple of weeks I have moved it out of the family room and into the living room.  It’s still on the same floor, still accessible, still viewable every day, but I guess it has been far away from the main toys for him to feel as though he has been missing it or something.


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