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Back to Work! and the Sleeping Situation October 27, 2010

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Well, I’m back to work!  I had intended on having an extended maternity through Thanskgiving, but I asked my manager to keep me posted on opportunities as they came in so I could reevaluate as needed if the right thing came along.  I don’t think I’m allowed to say in a forum like this who my new client is, but it’s a large multimedia corporation, which is different from all the pharma companies I’ve worked for/with in my career.  Then again, with the nature of my work it doesn’t really make a huge difference what kind of work the company does since I work on Human Resources systems.

Anyway, the right thing came along and I went back to work 3 1/2 weeks ago.  When I went back to work after having Hayden I put him in day care because I was starting with a new department and I didn’t know what it was going to be like (likewise I’d never had a baby before so didn’t know if it would be too much to have him home while I tried to work, etc).  Having now been through it with him I decided to try keeping Layla home with me while she is a little baby.  She really is a pretty good baby, so I don’t spend a lot of time soothing her.  Also, when Hayden was a baby I would go in once a day to breastfeed him, and through that I got to see how the infant room operates at the day care center.  When they aren’t at full capacity they have time to do a lot of fun interaction with the babies, but when they are busy it is all “maintenance” – whoever’s turn it is to eat gets fed, changed gets changed, slept gets slept, and if a baby is fussing who doesn’t need any of that and there is another baby who does, they have to wait their turn.  I can understand that – they have to do what they have to do to make sure things get done for all the babies.  However, it’s not more than what I can do with Layla even when I get busy.  Also, she sleeps a good amount of time during the day, and she sleeps better at home than she would there since it’s dark and quiet in her room and they have to keep the lights on at day care and it’s not quiet.  Although, for a long time I was not able to master the sleeping situation the way I wanted to.  I couldn’t get her to sleep in her crib for naps, so I was just letting her fall asleep on the boppy pillow which was around me.  This allowed me to still be able to type.  I just didn’t have time to keep going upstairs to try to sooth her.  I hoped that once she got good at going to sleep on her own at nighttime that would transfer over to naps, too.  So, I tried it today at naptime and she did take two naps in her crib today!  The afternoon one was way too short but it’s a start.  I didn’t expect it to be perfect right away.

So, I am very happy with my work situation right now.  I know when she gets more mobile she will need to go to day care because I won’t be able to chase her around all day (and who knows how far off that is – she has really mastered her belly to back roll today!), but until then it’s working.  It’s much more demanding having her home than it would be with her at day care, but it’s so much more rewarding.


One Response to “Back to Work! and the Sleeping Situation”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    l know what you mean l used to love haveing Michelle and John at home they did not go to play group till they were 3 year’s old xx

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