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I Wanna Hold Your Glasses November 4, 2010

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Layla seems to have entered a new developmental phase in the last couple of weeks: grabby and squirmy!  She wants to grab onto anything within reach: hair, face, clothes, and yes, glasses.  And she’s fast!  She rips those suckers right off John and my faces before we get a chance to stop her.  We’ve been introducing more and more baby toys to her to try to satisfy her frequent need to grab.  She’s also quite squirmy.  She’s very strong in her back and neck now, to the point where she’s mostly held on our hips as opposed to cuddling against our chests like little babies do, but she’s also starting to move around a bit when being held.  Not with the force of a baby who walks and wants to get down to go off somewhere, but just trying out different movements I think.  Another thing she really enjoys is putting her feet in her mouth.  She sleeps in a sleep sack and when I am changing her in the morning the first thing she does is grab her feet and get them in her mouth.  It’s like she’s thinking, “Well, there you are, Feet!  I’ve missed you.”

But the big news of the moment is she rolled back to belly yesterday!  She didn’t move her arm out from underneath her so she didn’t stay on her belly long, but her whole body was flopped over onto her front. 😀  Such a big girl!


One Response to “I Wanna Hold Your Glasses”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    I love Layla smile she look’s so lovely but then she would be as she is my granddaughter he he xx

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