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It’s Not a Daddy Work Day November 6, 2010

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I’m sure I’ve talked a lot in these blogs about Hayden being a big daddy’s boy. Recently he’s been very interested in when it’s a daddy work day and when it’s not. He seems to count down the days to the “not a daddy workdays” and is always really disappointed in the mornings when I tell him I have to go to work.

The other night this escalated to a new high. We were just getting ready for bed and it was clear he needed to do a poop. He didn’t want to sit on the potty so we were having a “Discussion”. I was telling him about how Granddad was coming next week and how if he was a good boy I would take some daddy work days off when he was here.  Somehow this got confused in his head….he had the biggest melt down, and didn’t want me to go to work anymore. I managed to get him back in his room and he just screamed and kicked for about 20 minutes. In the end I went back in and tried to explain to him why I had to go to work (to buy toys) and he was begging me not to go to work!   Poor little guy.  Eventually he was too tired and crashed out.

The next morning I had to get to work early, and I knew Kara would be tired from the late night she had.  So I was hoping he would sleep in, but I was also worried that he was going to be mad if he got up and I had already gone to work.  Well Hayden woke up early so I got him up and dressed.  We were in the bathroom getting him ready and Kara came up to the door.  He got up and closed the door on her, and announced I am closing the door so that daddy can’t go to work!!!!   Then told me that he didn’t want daddy to go to work today and put himself between me and the door!

Just tonight I had put Hayden to bed and he was making some noise. Kara went up to see him, and she said that he was up on his knees when she opened the door, and he just shouted “it’s not a daddy workday tomorrow!!”   That’s my boy 😀


One Response to “It’s Not a Daddy Work Day”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    I love you to bit’s Hayden xx

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