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Solids December 6, 2010

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Little miss sweetness is eating “solids” now, which of course are not actually that solid but are quite soupy.  We started her on them when she turned 6 months old.  I started much earlier with Hayden (4 1/2 mos I think), but with him I was hoping it would help him sleep through the night.  It didn’t (and then I wished I’d waited a little longer), and I don’t have that issue with her anyway so there was no reason to rush it.  She started with baby cereal, and has had bananas, avocado, whole milk yogurt, and squash.  She is not overly keen about this eating business.  She spits out every bite but I just scrape it off her chin and keep re-feeding it to her and eventually she swallows some. 😉  I have found it really helps for me to warm up the food a little.  I think she really like avocados, because a couple of days ago I gave her some and she was opening her mouth ready for each bite!  She was into it.


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