Hayden and Layla's Place

Nanny and Auntie Chelle are here!! December 17, 2010

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I’m a “little” late posting this – back in June (2010!) but I found this in my drafts so it seemed a waste to not put it out there!    Nanny and Auntie Chelle visited us so they could get to meet little Layla.  Hayden took straight to Auntie Michelle and Nanny.  It has been a while since he had seen them so you never know how things will work out. In fact at the airport I told him to run towards Chelle, I sent him running but it’s been almost a year since he’s seen Michelle, so it was funny when he got to her, gave her half a cuddle and then wasn’t sure what to do because he didn’t really know her.

He was pretty funny just after they got here.  They arrived in the afternoon so we had a chance to sit outside for a bit.  he wanted to go on a walk so I told him ok, but go over and ask them.  He ran over and somehow, really fast kind of nervously, managed to say “Aunite Chelle, Nanny Mad, Mummy, want to go walk?” ..  They obviously obliged and he was really happy!

Kara and I were very quickly surplus to surplus to requirements as far as Hayden was concerned.  “Where’s Nanny?’  “Where’s Auntie Chelle?”   He would want to take bath time with Auntie Chelle and play basketball (they would hang out in the bath for ages.  Then he would run to the top of the stairs as soon as he got out of the bath and shouted for Nanny to come and read to him.  Nanny, being Nanny, had a new book for him every night so he loved that (Of course Nanny was spoiling him, so he worked that out early on, so he’s “I want a new book”, “I want a cookie”, “I want a truck”, I want… :D..  What can you do – you have to let the grandparents spoil him….)!!!  It was pretty funny watching a him standing jumping by the banisters shouting “Nanny!, Come on Nanny!” at full volume.


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